3 dead, several injured in R40 Mbombela crash

In recent news, it was reported that the rate of the death toll of R40 accidents has risen. You are required to read the article for more details and information. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

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It was reported that the number of deceased following a horrific crash between two minibus taxis on the R40 outside Mbombela has risen. Moreover, the death toll in the R40 crash between two minibus taxis outside Mbombela has risen to four people as a tragic incident took place recently. On August 31, 2023, Thursday, the collision took place in Riverside near the intersection of the Mafunyane Water Park at about 6 p.m. However, a statement was passed by the Mpumalanga Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison’s spokesperson, Moeti Mmusi, and claimed that two passengers, one from each of the taxis were declared dead on the scene. Reportedly, two passengers lost their lives, even if they were rushed to the hospital following the crash. However, there were several sustained injuries that varied from slight to serious.

However, it was reported that one of the passengers who died on the scene had been just a few meters from her place of work when the crash occurred. The workplace and her identity are yet to be revealed as not all of her next of kin have been informed of her death. However, the deceased soul’s manager said that she was due to start work at 6 in the evening. The manager said that she heard there was an accident on the road and at about 6:10, she heard from paramedics that she had been in the crash. It was revealed that the deceased was identified by her uniform. She added that after a few minutes, the colleague called us and said she was dead and everyone was devastated by the same. However, one of her colleagues said that she had been working at the company for a year and was known for her bubbly and friendly nature.

As of now, the number of people who died in the morning crash on R40 in Mbombela has now risen to three. The third victim was prone to injuries while attended to at the hospital. Moreover, the other two victims died on the spot at the scene. However, at 8 a.m., a crash involving two taxis claimed two lives on R40, and two fatalities and multiple were reported following an accident in Riverside on the morning of August 31. Following that, the injured were rushed to nearby hospitals in Mbombela for medical attention.

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