6G pole leaves another resident bewildered

Another Farnworth resident has been left bewildered after an “unsightly” 6G pole appeared outside the front of his house “with no consultation”.

The Bolton News reported recently how neighbours in the Harper Green area said the poles were installed without warning – prompting their local councillor to raise the issue.

Cllr Sue Haworth called for stronger communication when such poles, to improve internet speed are being put up, and to consider where they are being positioned.

Leon Barnes says that some other poles have been put up on Bradford Street and Phoenix Street.

And he said that when he looked at the poles, he saw a fixed notice, which said “if anyone objects to the poles, write to said address”.

The Bolton News: 6G poles in Farnworth6G poles in Farnworth (Image: Councillor)

Leon said he has sent a letter of objection.

He said: “They have also been putting up poles on Bradford Street / Phoenix Street area of Farnworth with no consultation or notification from the company.

“One of them is at the front of my house.

“I cannot understand why after digging up the pathway and roadway to put fibre wires in only less than two years ago, that there is the need to erect these unsightly telegraph poles, modern technology it isn’t.”

He added: “On the poles they have fixed a notice saying any person who objects to the sighting of these poles can, write to an address given for Blackburn.”

He also said he noticed that whilst the company is called 6G, that 6G is not expected to be rolled out widely until 2030 at the earliest.

IX Wireless also known as Internexus previously told The Bolton News it has installed digital network infrastructure and it “engages with councils and local communities during every phase of a network build” complying with planning requirements.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “A number of new telegraph poles have been installed across the borough as telecoms companies work to deliver faster broadband to homes in Bolton.

“Under a planning law known as “permitted development”, the companies are allowed to install the wooden telegraph poles without first getting permission from the council.

“The poles are distinct from mobile phone or 5G towers which are significantly taller and are subject to the full planning process before installation, including consultation with local residents.

“Attaching broadband cables to telegraph poles, means the companies can provide high-speed internet more efficiently without having to dig up roads, driveways or front gardens.

“The installations are part of work being undertaken by a number of communications companies to improve Bolton’s digital infrastructure.”

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