8 Passengers Ruby Franke Lawsuit: Reddit And Instagram Story

8 Passengers Ruby Franke Lawsuit: The YouTube vlogger is charged with child abuse. Here is what we have about Franke’s lawsuit Reddit and Instagram story. 

Ruby Franke is famously known as the mother behind the defunct family YouTube channel 8 Passengers. She has been in the news headlines after being arrested on two counts of aggravated child abuse. 

As per the sources, Ruby and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, were arrested. Similarly, Jodi is the founder of the controversial life counseling organization ConneXions.

Ruby and Jodi created an advice video that critics say promotes a harsh parenting style. Frank, alongside her husband, Kevin, launched their family YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, in early 2015.

The channel had nearly 2.3 million subscribers and chronicled the lives of a family of eight, the parents and their six children.

8 Passengers Ruby Franke Lawsuit

Ruby Franke, who ran the YouTube channel 8 Passengers with her husband Kevin, was arrested. The whole internet has been talking about the case recently. 

Viewers and daily followers are questioning parenthood, and she has come under fire in the past for her now-deleted parenting vlogs. 

Likewise, Ruby and Kevin have faced the accusation of being abusive for years. Both the couple responded to emails and calls requesting comment.

Ruby Franke Lawsuit
Ruby Franke is making headlines after the news of her arrest was shared recently. (Source: People)

Franke’s lawsuit has been the most concerning topic on the internet however, it is not known if they had attorneys representing them.

Additionally, Franke arrest news has circulated similarly, and the Franke family has been the most controversial family influencer. As of now, nothing much has been shared about their arrest details, and more details are still to be updated, so stay tuned. 

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Ruby Franke Reddit And Instagram Story

After the arrest, Ruby Franke social media users have discussed the news on various social media platforms, including Reddit and Instagram. 

People have reacted to the news aggressively and has shared their views and opinion all over the comment section. Likewise, many people have said they want to see Ruby and Kevin in jail. 

Ruby Franke Reddit
Ruby Franke name is going viral on various social media platforms, including Reddit, where people have shared their thoughts regarding her case. (Source: Reddit)

Many people have talked about Ruby’s Instagram story and some claim that Ruby posted videos of her young daughter buying training wear, shaving her legs and many more.

Due to that, many people criticized her, and one of them wrote, “That stuff should never be posted. It’s the child’s privacy; it shouldn’t be exploited so Mom Dearest can get more attention.”

Where Is Ruby Franke Now?

Ruby Franke has been arrested, and she now must be in police control. She was not the person to get detained, as she was arrested along with her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt.

They remain in custody at the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. For your information, Franke is known for her strict parenting style on the channel, which she stopped uploading videos to in January 2022. 

Ruby Franke Partner
Ruby Franke was not the only person to get arrested, as she was detained along with her partner. (Source: Business Insider)

Her strict parenting style has faced a replicated backlash since she started the channel in 2015. Recently, her first child was taken to the hospital, and another child was discovered in the home and was found to be malnourished.

More details regarding Franke’s case will be updated soon.

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