Aldi and Lidl: What’s in the middle aisles from Thursday October 27

The middle aisle of both Aldi and Lidl are popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on anything from gardening tools to clothing.

Whether it’s Aldi’s Specialbuys or Lidl’s Middle of Lidl, the latest offers are always worth checking out and there are some fantastic buys from Thursday, October 27.

Let’s take a look at some of the items you can buy this week.

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Aldi Specialbuys

This Thursday, you’ll find a range of items amongst Aldi’s Specialbuys including crafts, toys and more.

White Dolls House with Furniture

The Bolton News: White Dolls House with FurnitureWhite Dolls House with Furniture (Image: Aldi)

If you’re looking for inspiration for Christmas presents ahead of the big day, this could be the ideal thing to gift to that special someone.

It comes with both an indoor and outdoor set of furniture so there’s plenty to do and the roof tiles can be removed to make outdoor garden space at both the front and back of the doll’s house.

Make it yours for £59.97 via the Aldi website.

So Crafty Raffia Craft Kit

The Bolton News: So Crafty Raffia Craft KitSo Crafty Raffia Craft Kit (Image: Aldi)

Why not give crafting a go when you get a spare minute or two?

This box comes with three projects you can try: a hat, clutch and tote bag.

Make it yours for £14.99 via the Aldi website.

Marvel Story Book Advent Calendar

The Bolton News: Marvel Story Book Advent CalendarMarvel Story Book Advent Calendar (Image: Aldi)

Is it ever too early to shop for Advent Calendars?

If you think not, Aldi has plenty for you to choose from including this one that comes with 24 stories for your children to enjoy.

Other versions are also available including Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee and Disney Princesses.

Add it to your basket for £8.99 each via the Aldi website.

You can see more of Aldi’s Specialbuys via the website.

Lidl’s middle aisle

This Thursday, you’ll find fitness equipment, wooden toys and more amongst Lidl’s middle aisle.

Playtive 2-in-1 Kitchen and Diner set

The Bolton News: Playtive 2-in-1 Kitchen and Diner setPlaytive 2-in-1 Kitchen and Diner set (Image: Lidl)

Entertain the kids for hours with this Playtive 2-in-1 Kitchen and Diner set.

It comes with plenty of accessories and things to do including crockery and cutlery as well as a chef outfit. It’s available for £89.99.

Find out more about it via the Lidl website.

Sanitas Massage Gun

The Bolton News: Sanitas Massage GunSanitas Massage Gun (Image: Lidl)

This Sanitas Massage Gun comes with four different massage attachments.

It switches off automatically and could be yours for £49.99.

Find out more about it via the Lidl website.

You can shop the rest of Lidl’s middle aisle via the website.

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