Baby Elephant Interrupts Reporter Alvin Kaunda

A baby elephant interrupted reporter Alvin Kaunda in an adorable moment. The video has since been widely viewed and shared on the internet.

Alvin Patterson Kaunda is a reporter from Mombasa, Kenya. He is currently an intern at the Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC).

His Instagram bio describes him as a Wildlife Enthusiast and ‘The Elephant Whisperer.’

Now and then, we see clips of live reporters getting interrupted by all sorts of distractions – kids, pedestrians, animals, you name it. It is even funnier when the interruption comes from the piece’s subject.

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Baby Elephant Interrupts Reporter Alvin Kaunda, Viral Video On Social Media

A charming baby elephant interrupted a reporter’s live report in Kenya on November 11. Alvin Kaunda was doing a story for KBC 1 on the impacts of droughts and human activities on animals. 

It featured the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, an organization caring for young elephants affected by drought.

As Alvin was making a report and talking to the camera, young elephants were behind in the background.

One of the elephants placed his trunk on Alvin’s ear, head, and nose. The reporter did a good job keeping a straight face and continuing his reporting but eventually gave in.

Baby Elephant Interrupts Reporter
Baby Elephant plays with KBC Reporter. (Source: YouTube)

“It is up to us to be guardians of the natural world,” he is heard saying as he urges everyone to save the wild species. 

Soon after, he gets adorably interrupted by the animal. Alvin ultimately laughed out loud when the trunk went in his mouth.

Kenya is facing its worst drought in around 40 years, killing over a thousand animals, including more than 200 elephants. Other animals include 512 wildebeests, 381 common zebras, 51 buffaloes, 49 Grevy’s zebras, and 12 giraffes.

We must check the alarming rate of wildlife depletion in time. As an urgent intervention, experts have suggested providing water and salt licks in affected regions, notably the Amboseli, Tsavo, and Laikipia Samburu areas.

What Did Alvin Kaunda Say About The Incident?

Reporter Alvin Kaunda later recalled the hilarious moment, saying he knew the elephant would be there but did not expect them to be that close to him.

It was his first time at the trust, and he wanted a pleasant background with the elephants. 

He did feel the elephant’s trunk contacting his back but decided to keep going since he was doing his 10th take in front of the camera. Although the trunk tickled him, he tried his best to stay calm.

Alvin was confident not to let anything stop him, but the creature’s adorableness broke his strength. 

He further explained that the trunk did not have any smell. He said he would have been if it had a foul odor.

Although it was not expected, the reporter said he liked the experience.” Alvin said he loves animals, and this was a dream reporting piece for him. 

Alvin Kaunda loves animals
Alvin Kaunda loves animals. (Source: Instagram)

He also mentioned his goal of getting close to more animals. “I have set my target of getting close to the big five. So far, only two are remaining; the Lion and the Leopard,” Alvin said. 

To be fair, getting close to those two creatures left might be a little worrying.

Nevertheless, Alvin is certainly calm under pressure. His story has raised worldwide awareness of what is happening with the drought – maybe not exactly how he had initially anticipated.

The video has been making rounds on social media as many appreciated the reporter’s calmness and composure.

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