Blogger Accused of Shilling for Putin

Gonzalo Lira arrested: Everyone has been talking about the dating coach’s detention as he was accused of shilling for Putin. Here’s what we know.

Gonzalo Lira is a blogger and former online dating coach. He gained widespread recognition for being a dating coach, and in the past, he provided dating tips under a pseudonym named Red Pill.

Furthermore, we can find him on YouTube; he has shared many videos on his channel. Due to that, Lira has been dragged into multiple controversies.

Likewise, he posted many videos and commentary on multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter, trying to pin the blame on Ukraine for the strikes led by the Russian Federation.

Due to that, he is in the spotlight as Lira is arrested. So, let’s find out more about him.

Gonzalo Lira Arrested and Charged: Accused of Shilling for Putin

Gonzalo Lira has been arrested and charged under article 436-2 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code, parts 2 and 3, about wartime propaganda. 

A report from Daily Beast showed that Lira was arrested on May 1, 2023. Following his detention, it is said that Lira was accused of creating and sharing materials that justify Putin’s armed aggression against Ukraine. 

Gonzalo Lira Arrested
Gonzalo Lira has been arrested, and the news is all over the internet. ( Source: Facebook )

Due to that, Lira was detained from his residence in Kharkiv. Ukrainian authorities claim that the search of Lira’s home uncovered further evidence of his unlawful actions, including his cell phone and computer data.

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Why Was Gonzalo Lira Arrested? 

As mentioned earlier, Gonzalo Lira was arrested on charges of producing pro-Russian propaganda. The controversial figure is accused of creating and dispersing materials that justify Putin’s armed attack against Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) later announced that an unnamed foreign blogger had been detained, and the Kharkiv prosecutor’s office also shared a blurred tape of Lira on its YouTube channel. 

Gonzalo Lira accused
Gonzalo Lira’s arrest news has dragged the eyes of many people. ( Source: Twitter )

Everyone was shocked when Gonzalo’s name was shared, and many even criticized him. An SBU spokesperson revealed that Gonzalo was among the first to support the Russian invaders and elevate their war crimes.

Moreover, the video of Gonzalo getting arrested is going viral on social media, as many people have also shared the clip on multiple platforms.

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Where Is Gonzalo Lira Now? Reddit Update

Gonzalo Lira was arrested and is now in jail as the case progresses. His case is active investigation is still underway. It is reported that Lira may face five to eight years of imprisonment.

Lira is one of the most controversial figures. In his videos, Gonzalo humiliated Volodymyr Zelensky and illustrated Ukrainians defending their nation from Russian invaders as armed criminals.

Likewise, Lira is accused of filming Ukrainian soldiers, making a precise effort to capture their likenesses and trying to discredit their military service.

Gonzalo Lira Reddit
Gonzalo Lira is accused of creating and dispersing materials that justify Putin’s armed attack against Ukraine. ( Source: Twitter )

American Journalist Sarah Ashton-Cirillo said she is slated to be one of the witnesses in the criminal case against Gonzalo. 

As said earlier, Gonzalo has been the victim of many controversies due to his videos, and his arrest news is also trending on Reddit. Also, he disseminated many debunked conspiracy theories, including Russian allegations of discovering American bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

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