Bolton-based VR therapy transports care home residents around world

Older people in care homes are being transported to Thailand and Bali through a virtual reality (VR) therapy experience which takes them across the world.

The VR Doctors, based in Bolton, are delivering its services for residents, including those with dementia, even taking them back to old homes and workplaces to help their memories.

The firm plan to expand and spread its joy to Manchester and then across the country.

The Bolton News: Elderly person trying the VR.Elderly person trying the VR. (Image: The VR Doctors)

Owner Oscar Harris said: “The main thing is we are changing lives for seniors.

“Once you put on the VR headset, we are able to transport you to anywhere in the world and it does feel like you are really there.

“From the sea to hot air balloon rides, it’s all there to take them on travels that they would now think impossible to do.

“Even when I use it on myself, I feel like I am there too.”

The therapy experience is useful in relieving anxiety, isolation and depression as well as helping to jog memories.

Oscar, who studied psychology, worked at a VR games company before devising the business idea.

The Bolton News:

He said: “My grandma loved it and that was the spark that made me go for this business.

“We all now do VR games like job simulation, where they are behind a till, and a customer comes, and they have to scan the items and speak to them and the customer will respond.

“For someone who has not been in work for many years, this is quite nice for them to be back in a work environment.

“And when we take them back to streets they used to live on, it really does spark their memory.”

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Other games include puzzles and museum visits.

Oscar and his team are planning on going into schools in the future to mix VR with education and already visit children’s homes.

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