Bolton: Firefighters rescue German Pointer

Firefighters are often called to rescue cats when they are seemingly stuck up trees – but local crews found themselves coming to the aid of a dog, which had happened to get stuck while out walking.

The drama  unfolded  when a German Pointer attempted to jump over a fence today.

Otto was enjoying a day out with its owner when it became trapped in a fence on popular walking spot Winter Hill, near Coal Pit Road.

Firefighters from Bolton North came to the rescue at around 11.30am today, where they had to use bolt cutters to help Otto down.

He had become stuck when trying to jump over the fence and has since gone to the vets to be checked over.

Firefighter Colin Faulds said: “As he jumped over the fence, he became stuck trying to climb over it.

“We used bolt cutters to get the dog out and put him in a fire service jacket.

“The owner has taken him to a vets because he had a bit of a limp.”

The Bolton North team went to rescue the dog on foot and stayed to help for about an hour and a half.

Being a dog lover himself Colin was more than happy to help.

He added: “A dog is a man’s best friend and I’m a dog lover myself.

“It’s an interesting job and we’re happy to help dogs, and the crew was happy with the job.”

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