Bolton Museum to host Tut Talks for special 100th anniversary

Bolton Library and Museum Services is introducing a series of talks celebrating the 100th anniversary of the excavation of Tutankhamun’s Tomb.

Tut Talks with Bolton Museum will be sessions throughout the start of November.

Bolton Musuem is internationally known for its Ancient Egyptian collection.

The first session on November 2 at 7pm will consist of author talk with Greg Jenner; public historian, author, broadcaster, and adviser to Film, TV, and Online Media.

He hosts the chart-topping BBC podcast You’re Dead To Me and was a key part of the multi-award-winning BBC comedy TV show Horrible Histories.

Join him for his talk about his work and latest books.

Items from Bolton Museum to appear in Tutankhamun exhibition

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On Monday, November 7 from 7.30pm, Tut Talks will do a Tutankhamun’s Statues: Interpretation and Meaning with Dr Campbell Price, Manchester Museum.

On Thursday November 10 from 7.30pm, the session will be ‘The Story of Tutankhamun’ with Egyptologist and Author Dr Garry Shaw.

And on Friday November 11 from 7.30pm, there will be a double lecture  ‘Tutankhamun in Bolton’ with Proffessor Joann Fletcher, BBC Egyptologist and ‘The Mummies of Tutankhamun’s Dynasty’ with Dr Steven Buckley, Scientist and Egyptologist.

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