Charlie Newhart Ex Wife Arrested: Charges and Case Update

Charlie Newhart ex wife arrested: Everyone has been searching for this news as a Georgia woman shot her boyfriend. Keep reading to find out more.

Charlie Newhart is an American Actor who has been working in the film line for quite a while now. He made his debut on the big screen by landing the role of Tyrone in CornerStore.

Furthermore, Newhart is also famous for his appearances in the movies such as Beyond the Mask, Star Trek: Picard, Untitled Detroit Project, and The Is the Day.

Meanwhile, he is also the writer and producer of This Is the Day. Apart from that, the Actor often gets into the limelight due to his personal life.

He is currently making headlines following his ex-wife’s detention. Newhart even talked about the news, and we’ve discussed everything below.

Charlie Newhart Ex Wife Arrested: What Did She Do?

Charlie Newhart’s alleged ex-wife Neworker Hurt has reportedly been arrested. She was arrested for the death of Shawn Jackson, a murder victim who was found in a shallow grave in Alabama in 2019.

Hurt and Jackson were in a relationship at the time of his killing. Clayton County Sheriff’s Department claimed that while Jackson was asleep in his home, Hurt shot her boyfriend three times in the head before disposing of his body with the help of her brother. 

Charlie Newhart Ex-Wife
Charlie Newhart’s alleged ex-wife Neworker Hurt has been arrested. ( Source: Twitter )

Detectives said that after almost four years, they had gathered enough evidence to arrest the Georgia woman on the charges. Following the news, Charlie is also trending as he has talked about the incident.

Newhart shared the video on Instagram and his YouTube channel too. He said, “My ex-wife has been arrested.” We can find more details about his video by following him on IG as @iamcharlienewhart.

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Where Is Charlie Newhart Ex-Wife Now?

Charlie Newhart’s ex-wife Neworker Hurt was arrested and has been charged with malice murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, meddling with evidence, and concealing the killing of another person. 

Meanwhile, Hurt was arrested in an Atlanta apartment, and now she is being held in the Clayton County jail. As said earlier, Hurt was in a relationship with Shawn Jackson, and when she found out that her boyfriend was having an affair with another woman, they got into an altercation.

Charlie Newhart Ex-Wife Arrest
Charlie Newhart’s Ex-Wife’s arrest news is all over social media. ( Source: Twitter )

Hurt also fought with him in front of the mistress’ home. After that, they went home and fought throughout the night. Jackson’s son, Nicholas, said his Father and Hurt eventually calmed down and went to sleep.

Nicholas was awakened the next morning by Hurt saying that his dad had left the house in the middle of the night. Weeks later, Jackson’s remains were found in Jefferson County, Alabama, in a shallow grave.

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Charlie Newhart Once Got Shot By His Ex-Wife

Charlie Newhart was once a hot topic on the internet when he did a podcast where he opened up about an incident. In a podcast, he said that his ex-wife shot him.

As we know, Newhart’s ex-wife is now arrested, and in the recent update given by the Actor, he also recalled the moment from the past. In the video, he said he was holding their son during an argument.

Charlie Newhart Ex Wife Arrested
Charlie Newhart talked about his ex-wife Neworker Hurt’s recent arrest. ( Source: YouTube )

Following that, his ex-wife, Neworker Hurt, pulled the gun and shot him, and the bullet went through Newhart’s forearm. After that, she pointed the gun at Charlie’s face and pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed.

After that incident, they got divorced, and Newhart’s ex-wife also served three years in prison. 

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