Chris Tyson Is Still Alive: Death Hoax Debunked

Chris Tyson is still alive as recent death news of Chris was trending on all social media platforms creating scandals and controversy on the way.

Tyson is a renowned YouTuber from North Carolina who started his channel in 2012. Chris was Mr. Beast’s pal growing up.

The YouTuber usually makes an appearance in MrBeast’s viral videos and has amassed a whopping 14 million followers across their social media networks. Their debut appearance was in a 2015 YouTube video.

Mr. Beast Pal is a vibrant and gifted employee of the MrBeast Group who is well-known in the Internet entertainment industry.

Chris has captured the attention of millions of people with his clever humor, incredible abilities, and endearing personality thanks to his enthusiasm for generating original and compelling material.

The YouTube celebrity has become more well-known over the past few years. Chris, who uses any pronouns, gained notoriety recently for discussing their experience with hormone replacement treatment (HRT).

Trolls previously argued that MrBeast’s relationship with the YouTuber would be detrimental to his career, and MrBeast recently reacted to them.

Chris Tyson Is Still Alive: Death Hoax Debunked 

Chris Tyson is still alive and doing well in his life. Netizens were worried and hurriedly searched for Chris’s health condition after Chris Tyson’s murder was trending on social media.

However, the murder rumor of the YouTuber is a hoax as it is confirmed Chris Tyson is still alive.

Three males were said to have slain Tyson, according to a video that was released on TikTok. According to the reel, Chris died after several fatal stab wounds received from the males.

It continued to claim that the suspected murderers immediately confessed and stated that Tyson had wrecked MrBeast’s YouTube footage as the motivation for their crime, but none of this is accurate.

Chris Tyson is still alive
Chris Tyson is still alive as death rumors turn out to be a hoax. (Source: Insider)

Fans breathed a sigh of relief after they heard Chris Tyson is still alive. Chris Tyson full name Christopher Stephen Chris Tyson co-hosts the MrBeast YouTube channel and frequently appears with Jimmy.

Chris is one of the few individuals that regularly visits MrBeast’s channel; they take part in many of the challenges and prank films he creates. Also, Tyson and Mr. Beast serve as the channel’s primary hosts, formerly BeastHacks.

Tyson has two dormant YouTube channels: ChrisO2 and Tysonboy34_, the latter of which has videos, but the former does not.

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Chris Tyson Scandal and Controversy

Before the Chris Tyson murder rumor went viral on social media, the YouTuber was gaining heat from the Mr. Beast community and admirers.

The gender-affirming hormone replacement treatment that Chris Tyson received was revealed last week.

As a result, his Twitter profile now states that they use any pronouns. A tweet that went viral comparing a picture of Tyson to their appearance in a more recent video prompted the disclosure.

Tyson had to cope with a flood of transphobic trolls and reacted to one who said his son was losing a “father figure,” despite YouTuber Donaldson, his other MrBeast team members, and many other creators expressing their support.

Chris Tyson before and after
Chris Tyson before and after images comparison. (Source: People)

On TikTok, remarks from earlier this year that Tyson’s more feminine appearance was the result of the “Karl Effect” were common.

Tyson revealed in an April post that they had begun HRT, which is typically used by persons who desire their body to match their gender identification.

Depending on whether the treatment’s objective is feminization or masculinization, this sort of hormone therapy is administered in one of two ways.

One can explore the Youtuber on his Instagram handle with his username @chris_thememegod. In his verified account of Chris, he has gathered over 2.7 million followers and uploaded over 230 posts.

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