Christina Ashten Gourkani Plastic Surgery: Death & Obituary

Kim Kardashian lookalike Ashten G death has shaken the whole internet. Let’s look at Christina Ashten Gourkani Plastic Surgery details and more.

Ashten G was a popular social media personality and OnlyFans model.

Millions of followers had been drawn in by Christina Ashten Gourkani’s uncanny similarity to Kim Kardashian.

As a result, she became well-known due to her uncanny likeness to Kim Kardashian, which made her a social media darling for many.

In 1988, Christina was born in California as a citizen of the United States.

On OnlyFans, she was well-known for posting seductive images and videos and had a sizable fan base there.

Kim Kardashian Lookalike Christina Ashten Gourkani Plastic Surgery

Like many models and social media celebrities, Gourkani underwent several cosmetic procedures to improve her appearance.

According to sources, she reportedly spent nearly $600,000 on treatments to make herself look more like Kim Kardashian.

Among these surgeries were several Botox and filler injections, a Brazilian butt lift, and breast implants.

Christina Ashten Gourkani plastic surgery
Christina Ashten Gourkani before plastic surgery. (Source: Interstim)

Tragically, before her untimely death, Gourkani reportedly paid $120,000 to “de-transition” and appear more like herself.

While the motivations for this choice remain a mystery, it is evident that Gourkani had been having issues with her identity and appearance for some time.

Her untimely passing has also ignited debates about the dangers of plastic surgery and the demands made on social media personalities to maintain their looks.

Rahul Vaidya, a singer, also reacted to the sad news by pleading with people to “respect the body God has given you.”

Regarding the physical form God has given you, he penned on social media, “Pls respect the body God has given u…Instagram likes is not the end of the world,” after sharing a post that claimed Christina passed away after having cosmetic surgery.

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Kim Kardashian Lookalike Christina Ashten Gourkani Death And Obituary

Fans of Christina Ashten Gourkani are in shock and disbelief over Ashten’s passing. On 20 April 2023, the 34-year-old OnlyFans model died from cardiac arrest.

Although the cause of cardiac arrest is not yet known, some reports imply that complications from plastic surgery may have been to blame. This hasn’t been formally confirmed yet.

Her family asked for privacy at this trying time when making the funeral arrangements; thus, no information about the service has been made public.

Christina Ashten Gourkani plastic surgery
Christina Ashten Gourkani died after suffering a cardiac arrest on 20 April 2023. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

Fans and admirers of Gourkani have sent the family their support and condolences during this trying time.

To help Christina Ashten Gourkani’s parents through this challenging period, a GoFundMe foundation has been established.

Many people have already donated to and shown their support for the family on the GoFundMe page, which has already received an overwhelming response.

In addition, many people have expressed their sorrow and paid their respects on social media.

Christina Ashten Gourkani Age And Wikipedia: How Old Was The Model?

Ashten G was 34 years at the time of her death. She was born in 1988, eight years after her lookalike Kim. 

Unlike Kim, Ashten is yet to be listed on the official page of Wikipedia. 

Christina’s passion for fashion and beauty started early, and when she was a teenager, she started experimenting with makeup and dress trends.

She has claimed that her mother taught her how to sew and make her clothes, and she frequently credits her mother as the inspiration behind her passion for fashion.

In her twenties, Christina started using social media to share her style and beauty preferences with her fans.

She quickly attracted attention and chances in the modeling and influencer industries thanks to her distinctive style and uncanny similarity to Kim Kardashian.

She has benefited from her strong likeness to Kim Kardashian, but she has also worked hard to develop her distinctive brand and style.

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