Coast Guard Stopped Search For Cruise Passenger: Who Is Kevin McGrath?

A man named Kevin McGrath has gone missing. This man has been missing for a very long time now. But now there is the biggest shocking news has sparked on the internet related to this case. The shocking news is that the man has been found dead. After he has been discovered dead the police have dismissed this case. They have stopped the investigation. The whole internet is abuzz because of this news. People are really sad and angry as the police have stopped the investigation and dismissed the case. Come let us discover everything about this mysterious missing death case in this article.

Kevin McGrath

Coast Guard Stopped Search For Cruise Passenger

Kevin McGrath was a 26-year-old man. His family went through a devastating situation when Kevin disappeared from the Carnival cruise. He was last seen at the Carnival cruise when Kevin and his whole family were celebrating the 60th birthday of his father at the Carnival Conquest which is located at PortMiami. Since then he went missing. Nobody saw him after that day. His disappearance was very shocking for his family. The family got to know that he was not on the cruise when he didn’t attend the breakfast with his family in the morning before sailing. So the family started searching for him but he wasn’t there, Kevin McGrath.

His entire family and police were searched for by the United States Coast Guard and they covered almost 3300 square nautical miles of water but he did not get found. The father of Kevin, Sean McGrath said that his son didn’t leave the ship as his SeaPass card was not checked at the time of departure. According to the source, the police have declared him dead now as he hasn’t been found till now. It is not clear whether he is dead or alive. It has remained unknown as he is still missing. Continue reading.

Police officers have declared Kevin McGrath dead as he hasn’t recovered yet. Because of this, they have dismissed the case and now they have stopped the investigation. They have stopped focusing on this case. The close ones of Kevin has closed their hopes but his family is still hoping and praying that Kevin is safe wherever he is right now. They wish that their family member is not dead he is alive. This is a very tough moment for the family. Currently, they are going through unimaginable pain as despite many efforts their family member hasn’t been discovered. We pray that he is alive and safe and that he returns to his home safely.

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