Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents: Where Are They From?

Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents: People have been searching for his family background after he was arrested in connection with throwing large landscaping rocks that resulted in the death of a girl.

Police in Colorado have custody of three teenagers who were detained in connection with the death of 20-year-old Alexa Martell.

Alexa was killed while driving when she threw a rock and Boulder and Jefferson counties are where the incident occurred. Two more children and Nicholas were taken into custody in Arvada from their homes.

In regards to the other two suspects, the police currently have custody of 18-year-olds Zachary Kwak and Joseph Koening, who attend different high schools.

According to the reports, Alexa has no relationship with the accused. For those who are unaware of her, Alexa was a young woman from Colorado who was still maturing.

Now, via this article, we will discuss Nicholas Karol-Chik, who was one of the teens who was arrested for the murder of 20-year-old teen Alexa Bartell. Here’s everything we know about Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents and family tree.

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Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents: Where Are They From?

Many inquiries regarding the parents of the teens were made after the sources revealed the detention of the three teenagers. People are primarily enquiring about Nicholas Karol-Chik’s parents at the moment.

However, hardly any of the media outlets have reported this information since Nicholas’s name only recently surfaced in connection with his arrest following the passing of Alexa Martell, a 20-year-old lady.

Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents
Very less information has been released regarding Nicholas Karol-Chik’s parents by the police officials. (Source:

As we know, Nicholas Karol-Chik is the boy who was arrested and is said to hail from Colorado. Hence, it can be deduced that his family members and parents are also may be from the same place.

Besides, it has been revealed recently that Nicholas was one of three teenagers who allegedly took a photo of the victim’s final car after striking it “as a memento,” as per court documents.

According to court documents, Nicholas Karol-Chik informed police that all three adolescents hurled rocks at cars and were “excited” when they hit them.

According to the records, he said Kwak was the person who threw the deadly rock at Bartell’s car. According to the records, after Bartell’s car was struck, Kwak allegedly remarked, “We have to go over to see that,” and as they returned around, Kwak allegedly took a picture of Bartell’s car.

Kwak admitted snapping a picture when questioned, claiming “he thought Mitch or Joseph would want it as a memento,” according to court records.

All About Nicholas Karol-Chik Family

Despite Nicholas Karol-Chik’s detention, his family has refrained from speaking to the media. He was accused of first-degree murder associated with Alexa Bartell’s death.

Everyone was interested in Chik’s personal life after hearing of his arrest. However, the boy’s personal life and family history have not been disclosed by the police department.

Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents
Alexa Bartell’s car picture was shared online. (Source: ABC News)

As stated earlier, Mitch’s name came into the limelight after he was accused of killing a 20-year-old lady by throwing rocks at her vehicle. However, he was not only the one who was arrested.

Two other teenagers named Zachary Kwak and Joseph Koenig were also arrested.

The young girl’s death is currently being mourned, and her parents are devastated by the loss. She was driving around 10:45 pm on Wednesday, 19th April, when the event allegedly happened. 

Moreover, Alexa’s uncertain and unexpected death has shocked everyone. She has left behind her loving mother Kelly Bartell, and her father. 

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