Delfina Gerez Bosco Marido Fernando Beni: Hijo Nació Gennaro

Delfina Gerez Bosco marido Fernando Beni is assiociated with the Association of Highway Tourism Corridors. Keep reading to learn more about their married life.

Delfina Gerez Bosco is a television personality and model who became popular for appearing in el amo de los Clones, Loco x vos, 100% lucha, and Todos contra Juan.

In the same way, Bosco is one of the participants in the reality show named the Hotel de los Famosos. Bosco’s popularity grew as she was the bathtub in The Hell Wall in 2008.

Furthermore, Bosco is also a social media influencer having a solid fan base on her Instagram page. She is also engaged in fitness and is serving as the brand ambassador of Dra. Jimena D. Frasso.

Who Is Delfina Gerez Bosco Marido (Husband) Fernando Beni?

Delfina Gerez Bosco is successful not only in her professional life but also in her personal life, as she is a happily married lady. She lives blissfully with her beloved Marido (Husband), Fernando Beni. 

According to various sources, her husband Fernando is linked to motor racing and is reportedly working at the Association of Highway Tourism Corridors.

Delfina Gerez Bosco Marido
Delfina Gerez Bosco and her husband, Fernando Bini, snapped together in a frame. ( Source: Paparazzi )

Bosco has been open about her love life, and in an interview, she recalled the moment when she met her partner. Reportedly, Bosco and her husband met each other on a pilot’s birthday. They were invited by a mutual friend, and Bosco told her friend she liked Fernando.

After that, they got to know each other and have been inseparable since then. Shortly, they began dating each other, and after four months of being in a relationship, they tied the knot on July 28, 2017.

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Meet Delfina Gerez Bosco And Fernando Beni Hijo (Son) Nació Gennaro

When Delfina Gerez Bosco and Fernando Beni married, Bosco was already three months pregnant, as reported by TN. In April 2018, the married couple became parents for the first time after welcoming their Hijo named Gennaro. 

Delfina Gerez Bosco Hijo
Delfina Gerez Bosco shares a photo of her son Gennaro whom she shares with her marido Bini. ( Source: Instagram )

Bosco and her partner’s child were born three kilos in perfect condition. The duo also took to Instagram to share the happy news with the world. We can see the pair showcasing their kid on many IG posts.

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Delfina Gerez Bosco and Fernando Beni Breakup Rumors

Delfina Gerez Bosco and Fernando Beni have been married for a long time. However, they have faced some problems in their love life.

When Delfina first entered El Hotel de los famosos, Fernando traveled to Mexico with another woman. The name of the woman is reported to be Carolina.

The news caused a stir on the internet. Furthermore, their relationship got into the limelight when Beni spoke about his wife Bosco’s affair with boxer Martín Tony Coggi. 

Delfina Gerez Bosco and martin
Delfina Gerez Bosco and Martín Coggi were linked in El Hotel de los Famosos 2. ( Source: TN )

After revealing that Bosco would have had an affair inside the El Hotel de los Famosos 2 with the boxer Martín, a rumor was launched about whether her husband Fernando would be done shortly before she recorded the program.

Despite the breakup rumors, both of them have managed to continue their married life and are still together. Beni says he is still the husband of Bosco. 

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