Dems Trying To Claw Their Way To A Win Over Lauren Boebert

Gun-toting, Biden-heckling, MAGA fave Lauren Boebert continues to hold a razor-tight lead over Democratic challenger Adam Frisch. With 99% of the votes reported, the controversial Boebert is leading by less than a percentage point, according to the latest returns.

With just 1,122 votes between the candidates since Friday, Democrats are trying to close the vote gap but face an uphill climb.

On Saturday, Frisch tweeted that his campaign needs volunteers to canvas the 3rd Congressional District to cure ballots. This is an effort by Democrats to reach out to voters who cast mail ballots but got rejected by their counties for minor errors in their mailed ballots.

In a district that hasn’t elected a Democrat to Congress since 2008, Frisch is reduced to making up his deficit via cured ballots. While the mostly likely outcome nationally is narrow GOP control of the House, Boebert would be a symbolic victory for Dems and keep the Republican majority exceedingly narrow.

Frisch announced he will attend the new member orientation alongside Boebert. 

“It is in the best interest of the district for me to attend new member orientation given the closeness of this race, which could be unsettled for another month,” Frisch said.

Colorado state election rules require an automatic recount when a candidate wins by 0.5% or less of the winner’s total vote count. Although unlikely, depending on the remaining ballots, the race could possibly go to a recount. Wednesday is the deadline for counties to tally overseas and military ballots and cure all ballots, according to Colorado’s election calendar

Meanwhile, the Boebert campaign is still fundraising in case Frisch pushes the race to an automatic recount.

“I told you all year, the Left would do everything that they possibly could to get rid of me,” Boebert wrote in a recent tweet. “As this race comes down to every last vote, I need you to help us ensure we have the resources to finish what we started!”

The Cook Political Report rated the district as solidly Republican ahead of the midterms but Frisch outperformed expectations and has been trailing Boebert for days. 

The district boundaries for the 3rd district were redrawn last year, making it more favorable to Republicans. But despite the redistricting, Boebert is faring worse, in terms of the percentage of votes cast, in some counties than she did in 2020, according to The Colorado Sun. Boebert lost Garfield County — her home county — by 6 points in 2020. This year, she is losing by nearly 14 points. Similarly in Mesa County, Boebert is behind 3 points compared to her performance two years ago. 

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