Did Chrismd And Shannon Break Up? Why? What Happened?

ChrisMD and Shannon’s breakup news took the internet by storm. The couple seemed madly in love. Find out if two YouTube stars parted ways.

ChrisMD and Shannon are two famous YouTubers. Their fans recognized them for not only their content but also their long-time relationship.

The two YouTube stars dated for a few years. Most of their fans were happy for them and supported their relationship. However, there has been breakup rumor circulating all over the internet.

So did Chrismd And Shannon breakup? Here are all things we know about social media stars’ relationships.

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Did ChrisMD And Shannon Break Up? What Happened Between Them?

ChrisMD and Shannon are no longer together – they parted ways amicably. ChrisMD shared his breakup news through an Instagram story on February 2023. They thought anyone who cared and loved the couple deserved to know.

“Shannon and I have decided to break up, and we have been waiting for the right time to let people know,” he wrote. But as per the post, the two YouTubers are still great friends, and everything is amicable.

Did Chrismd And Shannon Break Up
ChrisMD and Shannon broke up in February 2023. (Image Source: YouTube)

“It sounds a bit stupid considering our extensive online presence, but please respect our privacy as much as possible,” ChariMD added. He explained that they wouldn’t discuss their breakup online to make things easier.

Shannon and ChrisMD’s bond appeared solid as a rock. The Dixon-Langdon couple was madly in love with one another. So, their breakup news is a bit shocking. It is unknown why the pair decided to breakup. Let’s hope the decision is the best for their future.

As a quote, “Nothing stays the same forever.” They say it is both good and bad news. It doesn’t matter if someone is no longer in your life or will not be with you forever. But that person was in your life, even if it was/is for once, you had a great time and precious memories. That is good enough.

ChrisMD And Shannon Relationship Timeline

The prominent YouTubers – Shannon and ChrisMD – reportedly began dating in 2017. The former couple created many videos together and had a great time.

Chris creates more focused videos dedicated to subjects like football. On the other hand, Shannon’s videos are more diversified. Not that her videos lack concentration; she enjoys experimenting with various topics.

Did Chrismd And Shannon Break Up
ChrisMD often appeared in his girlfriend’s videos. (Image Source: YouTube)

Many of her videos featured Chris. The pair once baked for Christman while drunk. Likewise, she only eats childhood favorites for 24 hours and a 1,000-pound London scavenger hunt.

Who Is ChrisMD? Real Name Christopher Michael Dixon

YouTuber ChrisMD’s real name is Christopher Michael Dixon. His is previously known as Sirhcchris2010. He was born on 10 June 1996.

The British YouTube star is best known for football challenges and FIFA packs opening videos.

He joined the platform in 2010 and has earned significant fame and fortune. ChriMD has 5.77 million subscribers and 1.43 billion views as of this writing.

As for ChrisMD’s YouTube income, it has been estimated that he earns $2,400 daily from ads alone. In addition, the prominent YouTuber must earn significantly from YouTube Premium, Superchats, Super Thanks, Channel Membership and super tickets.

Who Is Shannon?

Born on 9 July 1996, Shannon Langdon is also an English content creator famous for sharing her vlogs. She joined the video-sharing platform in 2020.

Although it has not been much since she began posting, Shannon has garnered 191K subscribers and 18.3 million views. Langdon’s videos often feature her family – parents and siblings.

Shannon and her ex-boyfriends are doing well and creating content regularly.

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