Dj Graeme Park Son Died

Oliver Park death and obituary: Park was famously known as the son of Dj Graeme Park who is heartbroken after the death of his 18-year-old son, Oliver. 

Oliver Park was the son of DJ Graeme Park. Currently, Oliver is gaining media attention after his death news circulated all over the media premises.

Similarly, Park was 18 years old teen boy who left behind his beautiful family. The tragic death of his son has saddened his Park family. 

DJ Graeme shared family news from his wife Jenny and Oliver’s twin brother Ben on Wednesday evening. Likewise, Oliver was a kind and fun-natured person who loved spending time with his parents are brother. 

Park’s family was not ready to say goodbye to Oliver this soon; however, after battling Cancer for a long, the boy slept forever. 

Oliver Park Death And Obituary

Dj Graeme Park is tragic as he lost his 18-year-old son Oliver Park. His father announced his death, revealing that Oliver passed away one year after he was diagnosed with the disease.

The renowned DJ took to social media to share the tragic statement with his wife Jenny and Oliver’s twin brother Ben. Sharing the statement on his official Twitter account, DJ captioned it with a string of broken heart emojis.

DJ Graeme Park
Daily Express tweets about DJ Graeme Park’s son’s death via Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Following the tragic announcement, fans and followers from many places paid tribute to the young son who had just died at the age of 18.

As of now, the funeral services information has not been shared with the tabloids. We can get more updates by following Oliver’s dad on Instagram.

Dj Graeme Park Son Died of Cancer

Oliver Park, one of the sons of DJ Graeme. People are searching for DJ Graeme’s son, who tragically passed away at 18. 

This is heartbreaking to see Graeme in such a condition as he has shared, “Today our hearts were broken forever.” More, Park died of battling Cancer for years. 

DJ Graeme confirmed the news when he seemed emotional about losing his teen son. Fans are consoling him, and many are also showering prayers on social media. 

In the confirmation post, the DJ shared that Parks was a beautiful soul and will always be missed. He also added our amazingly strong and gorgeous boy.

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Graeme was blessed to have Park as his son, as he never got angry and complained about anything. Undoubtedly, he was a true warrior and fought for his life like a fighter. 

Meet Oliver Park Father, Dj Graeme Park

As said earlier, Oliver was the son of the famous British house music DJ Graeme Park. Further, Graeme is one of the original founders of the UK’s rave/club scene.

Further, he is notably known as a leading figure of The Hacienda club in Manchester, England. Likewise, he has been active in the vocation since 1984 to now. 

So, in his initial career, the DJ worked in the Nottingham record shop Select-a-Disc Records, where his early raids into DJing began. 

Oliver Park Death And Obituary
Oliver Park with his parents and brother. (Source: The Sun)

Additionally, he officially started his professional career by playing acid House around numerous bars and clubs. Moreover, the DJ was also the runner-up to Danny Rampling in the inaugural Best DJ in the World in 1991. 

Park also appeared on set alongside Steve Coogan and played the Factory Records boss Tony Wilson. He had a successful music career and has made many achievements throughout these years; however, the DJ is still kicking off his career. 

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