Does He Have Mental Illness?

Is Mike Lindell sick? The My Pillow Guy, also known as Michael James Lindell, is a conspiracy theorist, businessman, and political activist from the United States.

He is the founder and CEO of the Company. Pillows, blankets, and slippers are all produced by My Pillow, Inc. Lindell has offered guidance and public support to former American president Donald Trump.

With the help of Lindell, Trump was able to influence the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election by disseminating untrue reports of widespread electoral fraud.

He has also vigorously pushed using oleandrin, an extract from a poisonous plant, as a complementary treatment for COVID-19. 

The My Pillow pillow, created by Lindell in 2004, is filled with interlocking pieces of shredded foam. Lindell expanded the Company into a manufacturing enterprise in Minnesota.

Due to a trend of customer complaints, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) removed My Pillow’s accreditation in 2017 and reduced its rating to an F.

The BBB highlighted a buy one, get one free promotion that continued and represented the product’s regular price, not a discount or freebie.

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Mike Lindell Sick And Health Update: Does He Have Mental Illness?

People are saying Mike Lindell Sick because of his statements and theories. Is he mentally ill?

He is a self-made bat crap crazy maniac, to use the slang term. People would advise an intervention be performed on him if he believes he spews any Trumpanzee nonsense.

He seems to be suffering from severe mental health issues. They might be connected to his extensive use of crack cocaine.

Alternatively, he might have simply been insane from the start. Considering all the bizarre things he has stated, it’s a reasonable question.

Mike Lindell Sick
People are saying Mike Lindell Sick. (Source: KPBS)

We are not professionals, but we don’t believe psychologists favor using the word “Insane” in their vocabulary.

Therefore, they will probably use different words that sound more formal to describe his mental condition, but they won’t make it sound better or cleaner.

Darren was appointed as the Company’s chief operating officer by Lindell in 2020, citing his own potential future political ambitions. Some significant retailers ceased carrying My Pillow items in 2021.

Although retailers like Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond have said this is due to market research and poor customer demand, Lindell has speculated that this is because of his statements regarding the results of the 2020 United States presidential election.

Personal Life Details Of Mike Lindell

Lindell has been married twice. His first marriage, which lasted for about 20 years and ended in divorce, produced children for him.

He married Dallas Yocum in June 2013 after she left him, and he requested a divorce the following month. They allegedly had a prenuptial agreement, according to Lindell.

Evangelical Christian Lindell received an honorary Doctor of Business from Liberty University in 2019 for his business experience. 

Mike Lindell Sick
Lindell is a prominent supporter of, and advisor to, former U.S. President Donald Trump. (Source: Wxow)

What Are the Odds? It is a book he self-published. That year, Mike wrote a book titled From Crack Addict to CEO about overcoming his addiction and growing in his relationship with God.

The Daily Mail reported in January 2021 that Lindell dated Jane Krakowski for nine months between the end of 2019 and the summer of 2020.

Both Krakowski and Lindell refuted the charge. Lindell filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail, alleging libel, with counsel Charles Harder.

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