Eleanor Williams Mental Health And Trial: Accused Jordan Trengove

Eleanor Williams Mental Health: a 22-year-old Eleanor Williams created a huge fake story about her being raped and attacked, and now people are questioning her mental health.

Eleanor Williams accused four men raping and attacking her. She even claimed that the group trafficked her for sex when she was 12.

Eleanor shared pictures of her injuries, where her face and body were severely bruised and battered. The incident gained a lot of media attention.

However, it turned out to be a false claim. The young woman falsely accused the men. Finally, this week, justice has been served. She was sentenced to eight years in jail for 8 counts of obstructing justice.

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Eleanor Williams Mental Health And Trial Update

Eleanor Williams chopped off a portion of her finger in May 2020, hit her eye with a hammer, and bruised a large portion of her body to prove that she had been attacked.

She did everything in her control to prove herself.

Many people are questioning her mental health as the trial/case has ended. Looking at the case, anyone would think, “is she in the right mind?”

But there has been no official record of Williams’ mental health problems.

Eleanor Williams Victims – Jordan Trengove, Cameron Bibby, Mohammad

Per the false claim, Cameron Bibby, Williams’ first victim, allegedly forced Williams to have sex (in 2017) at a House Party in Barrow when she was 16. Cameron spent six months on bail, but the case was dropped.

Eleanor Williams Mental Health
Eleanor Williams’ victim, Jordan, said the scars still run deep. (Image Source: The Sun)

Jordan Trengove became the second target of the young girl. Trengove met Eleanor at a local nightclub in March 2019. The 22-year-old claimed that he drugged and raped her.

Jordan was charged. But after leaving the venue, they went their separate ways. Jordan proved that while he was meant to be with Williams, he had gone to a friend’s House before being arrested for an alleged altercation at a taxi stand.

Jordan said he had the most solid alibi. But Police officers tried to argue with him. But he was arrested in May 2019 after Williams made a second complaint.

Trengove was detained on remand in a sex offenders wing for ten weeks.

Mohammed was hauled over by the Police two months later and informed that he was being detained on suspicion of sex trafficking.

Williams accused the local businessman, who had a restaurant and an ice cream truck, had been grooming her since she was 12 years old and had inflicted near-fatal beatings on her.

Despite not having any charges against him, he spent every day demonstrating his innocence.

He constructed a 10-foot-long “crime board” in his House with social media posts, phone conversations, and bank account transactions that proved his accuser was fabricating her story about being made to work in a brothel in Holland.

Although all Eleanor created a false story and the men have been proven not guilty, Jordan Trengove said the scars run deep. The word “rapist” was spray painted on the wall of Jordan’s House.

Allison Johnston Daughter Eleanor Williams

After her sentence, Eleanor Williams’ mother, Allison Johnston, opened up for the first time. The devastated mother, a former labor councilor, said she can’t still take it in.

Eleanor Williams Mental Health
Eleanor Williams’ mother, Alison (pictured above). (Image Source: Daily Mail)

When asked why her daughter lied, Alison guessed that her daughter was trying to get people to listen to her.

Her mother and stepfather raised Eleanor. She has one elder sister, Lucy, and a brother. Both of her older siblings loved her.

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