Fairfield Hospital patient dies in ambulance

A patient died in the back of an ambulance whilst waiting for a bed.

An investigation is now underway after the tragedy at Fairfield Hospsital.

The Northern Care Alliance has confirmed that three hours after arriving at Fairfield Hospital, a patient died in an ambulance as there were no available beds in the department.

The patient is said to have been examined and treated by doctors from the emergency department while in the ambulance due to there being no available beds. 

HospDr Chris Brookes, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Fairfield General Hospital, said:

“I wish to offer my sincere condolences to the patient’s family and friends. I am deeply sorry for the loss of their loved one.

“We are directly in touch with them to support them at this sad time. They are aware we have opened an investigation into their family member’s care and treatment at Fairfield General Hospital.

“While this investigation is at a very early stage, we know that the patient was triaged, examined and treated by doctors from the Emergency Department while in the ambulance due to there being no available beds in the department. Despite receiving treatment, the patient sadly died approximately three hours after first arriving at Fairfield General Hospital.

“We will continue to liaise with the patient’s family directly as our investigation progresses.”

The North West Ambulance Services have also been contacted for a comment.

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