Family And Net Worth At Death

The news about Vicky Phelan dying from Cancer has been trending; she died Monday morning surrounded by her family at Milford Hospice, Co Limerick. 

Vicky Phelan was a prominent women’s health advocate. She had cervical Cancer in 2014; she publicly shared her experience while having tests. 

 Also, professionally she was a lawyer, and she completed law and had a law degree in her home country Ireland. She has not shared much information about her life; people noticed her when she was diagnosed with Cancer.

After getting to know she had Cancer, she had different treatments, but she survived almost seven-year after having Cancer.

Vicky Phelan Kids With Her Husband Jim

Vicky Phelan has two children with her ex-husband Jim, the couple separated in 2017, but they stayed together to support their children. 

Also, when they divorced, she had Cancer, so her husband Jim helped her with the entire process and be with her at the end of her life. 

The couple has two children, Amelia, 16 years old, and a son named Darragh, who is currently 10. They have not shared much information about their children in public. 

Vicky Phelan with her kids and husband Jim.
Vicky Phelan with her kids and husband Jim. (Image Source:

But she always had her children by her side when she needed them. Phelan mentioned that when she found out she had Cancer, she did not want to die in front of her children. 

When she caught Cancer, her children were at the age to understand the situation, so they helped her in every phase of her life. 

She also mentioned that she would rather have a private funeral so that her children wouldn’t have her memory going in the coffin. 

Phelan was close to her children when she was going through difficult times; she shared every little thing with them and spent as much time as possible. 

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Family Detail of Vicky Phelan 

Vicky Phelan was born to her parents, Jhon and Gaby Phelan; she had a great relationship with them. 

But they were not very close when she moved out with her family. After, she wrote a letter to her Father, John, when she found out she had Cancer. 

After that, she became close to her Father and mother. She was the youngest; Jhon and Gaby had five children together.

She also had a great relationship with her siblings; when she died this morning, every member of her family was with her. 

Vicky Phelan with her parents and kids.
Vicky Phelan with her parents and kids. (Image Source: Breaking News)

Family is essential in every situation of life; with family, everything goes in order. She was happy to be with her family and shared a close relationship when she needed them the most. 

Her parents always supported her with her every life path; they were very proud of her. They also shared a good relationship with their grandchildren and helped her look after them most of the time. 

It is hard for her parents to accept that she is no longer with them, and so many of them have been passing condolence to her family, children, and friends.

Vicky Phelan’s Net Worth At Death

Phelan is known for Cancer survival, she was a professional lawyer, but there has not been much information about her net worth. 

With the guess, we can see her net worth at death was close to $1 million- $2 million; she earned a good amount at the age of 48. 

Although the Lawyer earns €79148 per year in Ireland, which is a significant amount, she might also have other sources like business and investments. So, the exact amount is unviable till now.

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