Family of 2 adults, 3 children found dead inside their Phoenix home: “Extremely tragic situation”

Authorities are treating the discovery of five family members dead inside their Phoenix home on Wednesday as a homicide. The two adults and three children exhibited “clear evidence of trauma,” according to the police, and no suspect was being sought in the killings.

The five victims’ identities and ages weren’t immediately made public, but according to the cleaning staff that worked for the family, who were interviewed by CBS affiliate KPHO-TV, the couple who lived there had 6-month-old twin girls and a 3-year-old son.

Around 8 a.m., police, city firemen, and hazardous materials teams were sent to the house in response to a 911 call. regarding a potential gas leak on Wednesday. According to the authorities, gas was found inside the house.

Video taken at the scene by television stations revealed a propane tank in a sizable taped-off area around the house and numerous emergency cars in the neighbourhood.

Due to safety concerns, police officials refrained from entering the residence for a number of hours. However, when the house was secured around noon, they claimed to have discovered the five bodies.

Sgt. Melissa Soliz, a police spokesperson, told reporters outside the residence, “This is a really terrible circumstance for everyone concerned.” This community is incredibly tight-knit, including the extended loved ones and family members who are tied to this home and this residence. Not only is this horrible to the first responders who had to respond and witness what’s inside.

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