Father Joseph Khalife And Mother Maria Khalife

According to reports, Khalife was employed in the prison’s kitchens when, at 7:50 a.m. on a Wednesday, he executed his escape while dressed in a cook’s uniform. Furthermore, it is believed that he left the prison grounds by attaching himself to the back of a food delivery van. Daniel Khalife possesses a background in computer technology, specializing in system administration and information technology. This technical knowledge likely played a significant role in facilitating his escape.

Although information about his health is unavailable, Khalife had been incarcerated for charges related to planting a fake bomb and collecting potentially useful information for terrorists. Regarding health updates, it is important to uphold individual privacy and adhere to legal and ethical standards. As a result, no information is currently available about his health. Since his unique prison break, Daniel Khalife has garnered attention online. As of Thursday night, he remains unaccounted for, prompting an extensive search effort. Despite significant efforts, reports indicate that he has yet to be located. Additionally, Khalife is reported to have connections in Kingston, south-west London, and the north-west of England, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Consequently, the search for him extends throughout the entire United Kingdom. While officials suspect he may still be in the London area, the possibility of him having traveled farther cannot be ruled out. Moreover, he is currently evading capture and has not made any public appearances, leading to an ongoing search by UK law enforcement. Ports and airports across the nation have heightened security measures to support these efforts, resulting in reported delays at major transportation hubs. This increased vigilance underscores the commitment to locating Khalife, despite reports suggesting he may have left the country. Officials continue to believe he is within the London area.

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