Father Rod And Mother Clauddine Blanchard

Ever since The Act’s season finale aired, people have been curious about Gypsy Rose Parents. The unusual family involved in a serious crime has managed to grab the attention of many viewers worldwide.

Rose Blanchard was in the headlines in 2015 after she planned her mother’s murder, Dee Dee Blanchard, with his boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn.

The Act is Hulu’s newest show in town, and viewers are obsessed with knowing the real story. If you are in the middle or just finished watching the season finale, you are more likely not 100% ready to get off this wild ride.

So let’s dig deep and find out about Rose’s parents and why she did what she did.

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Meet Gypsy Rose Parents: Her Father Rod Blanchard And Mother Clauddine Blanchard

People finally got to meet Gypsy Rose’s Father, Rod Blanchard, in The Act’s season finale. The show portrayed the estranged relationship between the Father and daughter. However, this is not the case.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard With Parents Rod and Kristy-Blanchard
Old picture of real Gypsy Rose Blanchard with her parents Rod and Kristy Blanchard. (Source: In Touch Daily)

Rose’s Father, Rod, has a good relationship with his daughter as he filed a petition to get her daughter released from prison. Rose went to jail for plotting her mother’s murder with her boyfriend.

Likewise, Gypsy stayed with her Father for ten years when she was a child before her parent’s separation.
Rod was seventeen when he met Clauddine during his high school years. Similarly, Dee Dee was twenty-four years old at that time.

The two started dating and became intimate with each other. Dee Dee became pregnant with Rose just after six months of dating.

Thinking of the right decision, Rod decided to marry her. However, things didn’t go well between Gypsy’s parents, and the two decided to call off the marriage.

Despite their separation, Rod maintained a good relationship with his daughter for a few years. Gypsy’s Father even sent her mother a $1200 monthly allowance in child support.

Rose’s mother limited Rod from meeting her after tensions grew between the separated family.
Also, Rod said that Clauddine used to tell lies to her neighbors about him, that he was a substance addict and an abusive husband.

Gypsy Rose Father Rod Blanchard
Rod Blanchard with his daughter Mia Blanchard (wearing yellow top) and second wife Kristy. (Source: Women’s Health)

Fortunately, Rod Blanchard’s second wife, Kristy, has a different story about her husband. She said that Dee refused to update Rod about their (Gypsy) whereabouts and medical conditions. Also, Rod and Kristy have a daughter, Mia Blanchard.

Gypsy Rose had a hard time growing up; the same goes for their parents. Hence, the family worsened and eventually ended up in the headlines for all the wrongdoings.

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Gypsy Rose Family In The Act

Gypsy Rose’s strange family presents quite a messed up story, which is also interesting.

Hulu’s show, The Act, is based on the real-life incident of Rose and her family. The show also shows the relationship between the family members.

According to Gypsy, her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, had Munchausen syndrome. So, her mother pretended Gypsy had several medical conditions.

Gypsy Rose interview
Accused Gypsy Rose giving an interview. (Source: Mamamia)

Moreover, the accused, Rose, believed she had been ill for years when she was healthy from the beginning.

The tensions grew stronger between the two (mother and daughter), so Rose eventually convinced her ex-boyfriend, Nick, to murder her mother.

Rose thought that she could be free after her mother’s demise. But the truth was the opposite.

But Rose and her family couldn’t get any weirder. Rose’s dad, who showed up after years, felt affectionate for her accused daughter.

Besides, she called her dad to escape the death penalty and asked him for a copy of her medical history. Her estranged Father was there to save the day in her final hours.

Does this all-story of her family sound like a movie plot, right? But wait, that just really happened in real life. Jesus!

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