Football Coach Fernando Signorini Wikipedia and Edad

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Fernando Signorini is a football coach who gained widespread recognition for being the personal fitness coach of football legend Diego Maradona.

During Diego’s professional career, Fernando outlined his journey into strength and conditioning. Furthermore, Fernando has gained board experience by working with many renowned footballers.

Some of the footballers, Signorini has worked with are Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano, and Diego Milito. Likewise, Signorini specializes in Soccer Player Preparation.

Fernando is considered one of the most loved fitness coaches, as his talks contribute greatly to physical trainers, leaders, players, kids, and young people.

Football Coach Fernando Signorini Wikipedia and Biografia

Fernando Signorini is a football fitness coach who has been active in this field for a long time. Fernando was interested in pursuing a career in this field from a young age.

So, when a career in physical education opened, he signed up and graduated in 1973. Signorini always had in mind that he would specialize in soccer as a team sport and tennis as an individual sport.

Furthermore, Fernando began working in the second year of his degree in 1972 in a club in my city of Rivadavia de Lincoln and spent his time for a decade.

Fernando Signorini Wikipedia
Fernando Signorini is famous for being the personal fitness trainer of Diego Maradona. ( Source: Rush Soccer )

Likewise, Signorini worked in another club named Atlético Quiroga, which was a locality near Partido de Nueve de Julio. Later, he also wanted to have an experience in European football. Following his dream, he chose to be in Barcelona.

After that, he also worked with the legendary footballer Diego Maradona. Moreover, Signorini has also published two books related to Diego Maradona, which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Fernando Signorini Edad: How Old Is The Football Coach?

Fernando Signorini’s edad (age) is 72 years as of 2023. He was born in Argentina and was raised by his parents in Lincoln.

His Father was the owner of Lincoln Establishment, but in an interview, Signorini mentioned that his dad died when Fernando was just 19 years old.

Fernando Signorini edad
Fernando Signorini was close to the legendary footballer Diego Maradona. ( Source: Instagram )

His Father reportedly died in an accident. Furthermore, Signorini is not only the child of his parents, as he was raised alongside his siblings, but their names have not been shared with the tabloids.

As said earlier, Fernando was famous for being the fitness coach of Diego Maradona. In an interview, he opened up about how his relationship with Diego began. It is reported that Maradona invited him for a barbecue in his home, and they also talked about working together.

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Who Is Fernando Signorini Wife? A Look At His Married Life

Fernando Signorini is married to his wife, whose name has not been shared with the tabloids. In an interview, Signorini talked about his wife, saying that he and his partner was a teacher and tennis player.

They traveled to Barcelona following their dream of Fernando to experience European football. So, it can be said that Fernando’s wife is a supportive partner.

Fernando Signorini frn
Fernando Signorini shared a photo with tennis coach Patricia Tarabini. ( Source: Instagram )

It is unspecified how long they have been married, but it can be said that they are still together. Furthermore, Fernando and his wife may have kids, but all the information isn’t available in the public domain. 

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