Georgetown SC Daniel Altman Missing Update: Found Dead

Georgetown SC Daniel Altman Missing Update: Family and parents are mourning the death of 25 years old Daniel Altman. 

Daniel Altman was a man from the United States of America whose name came into media prominence when his missing news was shared. He was said to be a family person killed near Kingstree, South Carolina.

Daniel was just 25 years old at the time of his passing, and his full name was said to be Daniel Ryan Altman. Moreover, Daniel’s residence was in Wedgefield.

All his family members are mourning his death as he was murdered brutally. His missing case has dragged many people’s eyes, and we’ve also covered the details in this article.

Georgetown SC Daniel Altman Missing Update

Georgetown SC missing man Daniel Altman’s recent update shows he is dead. Reportedly, the missing man was last seen on April 10, 2023, when he told his roommate he would meet a woman.

Daniel was lured to an abandoned residence, where he was ambushed and shot by three men. The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office reported that Daniel’s car was involved in a high-speed chase.

Daniel Altman
Daniel Altman was 25 years old man from Georgetown, SC. (Source: Live5News)

After running the car’s plates to ensure the car was stolen, deputies tried a traffic stop, but the driver did not pull over. A search then took place, reaching speeds of 115 mph. The report states the chase finished when the driver pulled into the backyard of a private place.

The driver of the car, Serenity Jackson, did not escape and was transported to Georgetown County Detention Center and charged with a DUI and additional charges. Furthermore, Daniel was not in the car and was reported missing.

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Daniel Altman Found Dead After Gone Missing

Daniel Altman was reportedly found dead a week after he was informed that he was missing in Georgetown County, South Carolina. The official department revealed that Skeletal remains were found burned in an abandoned home.

Three people were allegedly lured into an abandoned residence, shot, and burned. Everyone was shocked when the news of his death was announced, and tributes began pouring on social media.

A person on Facebook shared a photo of Daniel, writing, “My heartfelt prayers go out to Daniel Altman’s family. No, I didn’t know him, but in a small community, does that really matter?”

Following that, everyone began searching for the murder suspects, and their names have already been revealed, which we’ve described below in depth.

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Daniel Altman Murder Suspects

Following the death of Daniel Altman, everyone began asking for his murderer. The Police department revealed the names: Javon Chattine, Jackiel Chattine, Marquise Mitchum, and Serenity Jackson.

Furthermore, Javon, Jackiel, and Marquise were reportedly charged with the murder of Daniel. Also, their mugshots ahve been released, which can be found on social media easily.

Daniel Altman
News media page users tweeting about Daniel Altman murder suspects. (Source: Twitter)

After Daniel was shot and killed at an abandoned home in the town of Kingstree, the three suspects burned Daniel’s body in a nearby wooded place.

Not only that, but the group is accused of stealing the victim’s vehicle and his other possessions. A homicide investigation continues, and the Police department has also asked to call them if they have any information.

More details regarding this murder case will be updated soon. So you can also visit Genius Celebs for more information.

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