GMP ask for evidence of Chinese Consulate assault

Police are appealing for evidence as they investigate the assault at the Chinese Consulate on Sunday.

Investigations being carried out by Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) Major Incident team are ongoing, and investigators are asking for anyone with any further evidence to help by submitting it.

GMP are asking those with footage of the incident which resulted with one man in his 30s requiring hospital treatment.

An online portal has been set up so that people can upload any footage –

The events between occurred between 2pm and 3pm on Sunday, October 16. The man suffered several minor physical injuries in the Consulate grounds after an initially peaceful protest appeared to escalate.

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No other injuries have so far been reported, other than a minor physical injury to the hand of an officer who intervened to help remove the man from the Consulate grounds out of fear for his safety.

So far, no arrests have been made and enquiries will continue for ‘as long as necessary’.

Assistant chief constable Rob Potts said: “We’re aware and totally understand the amount of focus on this investigation due to the weekend’s events causing shock and concern in the city and much wider afield.

“Our experienced detectives are diligently working through a lot of evidence and statements to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the timeline of events that lead to this initially peaceful protest unexpectedly escalating in the way it appears to have done.

“There are many strands to this complex and sensitive inquiry, and we will do all we can to achieve as many answers as possible, but I must stress that this investigation will take time and we will provide as regular an update as we can in due course.”

Yesterday, two of Bolton’s MPs spoke about the incident.

Yasmin Qureshi, MP for Bolton South East, described the attack at the on a pro-democracy protester as “deeply concerning”.

She added: “Issues like this should be dealt with swiftly as they violate values of autonomy and freedom of speech that we hold so dear.”

Bolton West MP Chris Green said: “The scenes at the Chinese Consulate are shocking and this needs to be thoroughly investigated both by Greater Manchester Police and by the Home Office.”

He added: “This should never have happened and should never be allowed to happen again.”

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