Great Lever: Man arrested are police descend

A man was arrested this evening after police and a helicopter were spotted in Bolton.

A man was arrested on Rishton Lane, Great Lever, at around 4pm this evening.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing several police vehicles attend the scene as well as a helicopter before a man was taken away by police.

Greater Manchester Police have not yet released any information about the arrest.

One witness described seeing the police arrive at the scene, before the man was ‘tackled to the ground.’

The witness said: “ I saw the police helicopter, turned the corner and then saw police car get out of the car and tackle the male to the ground, more cars and vans turned up.

“Male is put in back of the van in cuffs, very quickly and then undercover BMW came to assist and then was taken into custody I assume.

“There was lots of onlookers, it looked like it was serious considering the amount of police on scene and police helicopter.”

The scene was clear by around 5.30pm.

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

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