Guy Bailey Quireboys Age: How Old Was The Guitarist?

Guy Bailey Quireboys age has received massive searches on the internet following the shocking news of his death, leading to mourning in the music industry.

Guy Bailey, who was a founding member of Quireboys, passed away. The information was verified in a social media post by Spike,, another band founder.

According to Spike, he was devastated to have to write this and disclose it in public. Spike also mentioned that his dear buddy Guy Bailey went away quietly last night while being held by his beloved Bianca in the hospital.

The information about the demise got published on the Thirsty Facebook page, which Bailey started in 2015.

Guy was the most affable and friendly man you could ever have the pleasure of meeting, as per Spike.  

The guitarist was adored by everyone he ever worked with, every band he ever performed with, and every Quireboys fan he ever met. He loved all his fans more than any fan could possibly know, without a doubt.

Bailey, a crucial member of the band’s original lineup, recently reconnected with leader Spike to work on a new album.

Guy Bailey Quireboys Age: How Old Was The Guitarist?

Admirers were eager to find out Guy Bailey Quireboys age after news of his demise circulated on the social media platform.

People might have searched for the det, curiousious to know Guy Bailey Quireboys age before his death.

Unfortunately, no information or article on the internet has published the actual Guy Bailey Quireboys age at the time of his passing away.

Looking at the uploaded pictures of the guitarist, Guy Bailey Quireboys age seems to fall in the late sixties. However, this is just an assumed age, the actual age is still unknown.

Guy Bailey Quireboys age
Guy Bailey age is unavailable on the internet. (Source: MetalTalk)

The band’s first two albums, 1990’s A Bit of What You Fancy and 1993’s Bittersweet & Twisted, included music by Bailey, who also co-wrote hits including Hey You, 7 O’clock, and I Don’t Love You Anymore.

Guy Bailey passed away on April 6, 2023. Sadly, there is no reason for his demise available on the web.

After the death news got spread on social media, people and musicians started pouring tribute, prayers, and condolences to the Bailey family.

The songwriter has written many songs for a new album, and Chris Johnstone, Nigel Mogg, and Spike will carry out Guy’s request, recordd the song,s and release a new Quireboys album this year.

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Guy Bailey Quireboys Wikipedia

Guy Bailey Quireboys Wikipedia profile is unreachable now. However, there is a Quireboys Wikipedia profile set up.

The Quireboys are an English rock group with close roots in Newcastle that was founded in 1984 in London.

The Queerboys was the original moniker given to the group when it was formed. The band then went by the name London Quireboys throughout the US and Canada before deciding on their current name.

When Jonathan Gray was 17 years old, the vocalist often known as “Spike,” relocated from Newcastle upon Tyne to London. By the middle of the 1980s, the two had made up their minds to become a rock and roll band.

Originally, they had settled on the name “The Choirboys,” which was derived from the 1977 film of the same name, but they soon altered it to “The Queerboys.”

Guy Bailey wikipedia
Guy Bailey passed away on April 6, 2023. (Source: PlanetRadio)

Despite the missing Wikipedia profile of the artist, several other online portals have listed Guy’s profile on their web pages.

The Queerboys performed on March 28, 1986, at what was Klub Foot in the Clarendon Hotel in Hammersmith, together with Bernie Torme and the Moho Pack. The band performed support slots on a Cherry Bombz tour in May of that year.

The Quireboys made the announcement that led singer Spike has left the group in March 2022. Two venues canceled their future Quireboys performances because of the fans’ conflicting reactions.

Guy Griffin, the band’s lead vocalist, is still on the road with them. They will finish their tours of Germany and the United Kingdom in 223, all play at Hellfest in Clisson, France.

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