Harlan Crow Death News Trending- Is He Dead Or Alive?

Harlan Crow death news goes viral online, but here’s the fact you need to know about the real estate developer.

Harlan Crow is an American real estate developer serving as the chairman of Crow Holdings. Previously, Crow served as the CEO of the Company, which was founded by his Father, Trammell Crow.

Likewise, Crow is the leading donor to Republican and conservative causes. Harlan has donated nearly $5 million to Republican campaigns and conservative groups.

Furthermore, Crow has been in the spotlight for the past few weeks after relating his gifts to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

With that, the news of Crow’s demise circulated like a Fire. So, keep reading till the end to find the fact.

Harlan Crow Death News Trending Online

Harlan Crow is an American real estate developer whose death news has gone viral over the past few days. However, there is no fact about it, as Crow is still alive.

Social media users have been searching heavily for news related to Crow’s death. As per our research, we know that the death news of Harlan circulated online without any facts.

Harlan Crow Death
Harlan Crow’s death news has gone viral online, but all the news is fake. ( Source: Market Watch )

In the past, many figures have also been victims of similar news created without facts. As we know, he is linked with Clarence Thomas, and both of them are in controversy.

Due to that, many have wished for their death on social media. In many posts, people have commented on the two figure’s death.

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Is Harlan Crow Dead or Alive?

Harlan Crow is still alive, but the news of his death has confused everyone. All the ongoing news related to Harlan’s death turned out to be fake, as Crow was still alive.

As we know, Crow is the chairman of Crow Holdings, a privately owned real estate investment and development firm that has been running since 1948.

harlan crow and clarence
Harlan Crow has been linked with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after the undisclosed gifts allegations. ( Source: Los Angeles Times )

We can be clear that Crow is busy with his professional life. Besides that, he has an extensive collection of historical artifacts. 

His art collection includes work from such stars as the French Impressionists Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet. After getting linked with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, his name has been making rounds.

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Harlan Crow Death Mask Creates Confusion 

In 2023, ProPublica reported that Harlan Crow had given several gifts to Clarence Thomas, including a $19,000 Bible that belonged to Frederick Douglass. He even gave other gifts.

Some experts on legal ethics say Thomas should have revealed these reported gifts and perks. Reportedly, he is an enthusiastic collector of Nazi memorabilia and indigenous American artifacts. 

At his Dallas mansion, he has two Hitler paintings and a signed copy of Mein KampfIn the same way, Crow has a death mask of Sitting Bull and a set of slavery-related items in his library.

Harlan Crow Death Mask
Harlan Crow has a “death mask” of Sitting Bull in his library. ( Source: Twitter )

The photo of the death mask has been trending online. As discussed earlier, Crow’s death news has been trending, and it may be because he has a death mask.

We can see various images of Crow’s death mask on Twitter, shared by many renowned personalities.

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