Heather Mcdonald Earring Drama Explained

What’s going on between Heather Mcdonald and Jeff Lewis? Fans have been thrown into a frenzy after comedian Heather Mcdonald shaded Jeff Lewis during her podcast show. According to the reports, comedian Heather Mcdonald made some shocking claims about Jeff Lewis, confirming seemingly a feud is happening between the two. But what is the bone of contention for the matter? In this article, we will talk about the drama in which Heather Mcdonald and Jeff Lewis are involved. Reportedly, Heather Mcdonald said that designer Jeff Lewis had blocked her on social media for her actions towards him. What happened between Heather Mcdonald and Jeff Lewis? Let’s find out this in the following sections. Kindly drag down the page and read more details.

Heather McDonald
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Heather McDonald Earring Drama Explained

Comedian Mcdonald shockingly opened up about radio show host Jeff Lewis after she revealed that he blocked her on Instagram for her actions towards him. on Patreon podcast episode threw some major shades after her public falling out with her friend Justin Martindale who revealed that the former writer of Chelsea Lately had refused radio host Jeff Lewis from appearing on Jeff Lewis Live show. And Heather Mcdonald said she’s never heard of Jeff Lewis. Shift to the next section for more details and updates.

Jeff Lewis and Heather Mcdonald’s relationship seems to have been over as recently Heather Mcdonald dissed him while on a night out with her friends in Weho at Craig’s. In addition, a video clip of Heather Mcdonald is going viral on the internet, in which the comedian can be seen at a restaurant but surrounded by the paparazzi who request Heather Mcdonald to respond to Jeff Lewis’s recent remarks about her and a recurring guest on Juicy Scoop podcast, Justin Martindale. If you have not watched the video yet, kindly take a look below and read more details.

Comedian Heather Mcdonald responded after a paparazzi asked for comments, “Do you have any response to this Jeff Lewis thing? Who?… Oh, I have never heard of him.” This reaction from Mcdonald came after Lewis called out McDonald on his radio show for pulling him into the drama involving her and Martindale after she subtly denied Martindale’s allegations that she never approved of Martindale appearing on “Jeff Lewis Live.” It all started back in March when McDonald revealed she would no longer appear on Jeff’s show after her fight with his show’s guest Megan Weaver.

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