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Lauren Harpe comes off as a strong and bold woman in Survivor 44 and in real life; hence people are interested to know her better including Lauren Harpe children. 

The popular reality TV show “Survivor” began the 1st episode of its 44th season on March 1, 2023, featuring 18 new castaways competing for the title of “Sole Survivor,” including Lauren Harpe.

Every season of Survivor offers new twists and turns, and the show has been a hit with spectators since 2000. Likewise, there are no immediate plans for the channel to end the series.

The $1 million play might offer viewers some legitimate entertainment, but it’s not as simple as many people might believe.

Moreover, Lauren is also a survivor fan who has stated that the show will provide her with an opportunity for discovery and self-growth alongside providing the experience of a lifetime.

Since Lauren is a strong woman with big dreams, she has inspired many young girls and women through television. Hence, many have shown a keen interest in her personal life and want to find out how she is raising her kids.

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Survivor 44 Lauren Harpe Children: Her Journey To Motherhood

Lauren Harpe was only 21 when she first became pregnant with her son, CJ.

She dropped out of school in her last year of nursing at Baylor uni since she became pregnant with her boyfriend, who she had known for only about six months.

The Survivor 44 contestant didn’t even want to inform her closest friends and family about how humiliated she was.

Lauren was aware that she had disappointed her parents after all they had paid and given up for her to attend college.

Lauren had big plans to complete her education in Dallas, and she even had her sights set on a couple of tiny townhouses that she would move into after she graduated.

However, all those dreams were put on hold when she learned she was expecting a child.

Lauren Harpe Children
Lauren Harpe’s journey to becoming a single parent is inspiring. (Source: Instagram)

Lauren Harpe then got married to her boyfriend, and they welcomed their second son, Braxton.

Alongside her husband, she used to shift to many apartments without having enough money to cover their rent and buy groceries.

After struggling for several years, the pair ended their marriage of 7 years, and Lauren Harpe stepped on her journey of becoming a single mother.

As a single mother, she earned a master’s degree from college, bought a house, and had one of the best teaching jobs she has ever had.

Throughout her journey, her two sons provided her with unconditional love, and now, Lauren Harpe is a proud mother who embraces motherhood.

Meet Lauren Harpe Sons CJ And Braxton

Lauren Harpe is a doting mother of two sons, CJ and Braxton. Both of her children are young and growing up, and she has raised them with unconditional love, support, and care.

Since Lauren Harpe’s children, CJ and Braxton are very young, it is too early to talk about their professional careers; nonetheless, the boys study hard in school and play football.

Both CJ and Braxton also support their mother, and the family of three leads a happy and content life. 

 Lauren Harpe Children
Lauren Harpe with her two boys, CJ, and Braxton. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Lauren also shared that she wanted to be a part of Survivor since her sons were fans of the game, and she wanted to inspire them with the show.

Becoming a single parent is something that prepared Lauren Harpe most for this game, and now she is killing it in the show.

Additionally, she shared that raising two kids alone has challenged her mentally, emotionally, physically, and basically in every single way possible.

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