How Did Adam Kroeker Die? Know Everything About His Cause Of Death And Obituary

It is with deep sadness that the LaSalle Fire Service mourns the sudden and unexpected passing of one of their beloved firefighters, Lieutenant Adam Kroeker died this Wednesday morning, February 15th, 2023. Continue reading to discover more about this article.

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Who was Adam Kroeker?

Lt. Adam was a beloved firefighter and resident of Leamington, Ontario. He graduated from St Clair College and his exemplary commitment to his work earned him an admirable reputation. Off-duty, Lt. Adam loved the outdoors and often took trips around Canada with his friends or family members – from the west coast to the east coast – always with his camera in hand to capture memories for everyone back home! When he wasn’t camping or fishing, he enjoyed spending time with family and friends back in Leamington, radiating kindness and a calming presence wherever he went.

What was the cause of Adam Kroeker death?

It is with great sorrow that the Leamington Fire Service, Squad 3 announces the passing of Lieutenant Adam Kroeker early Wednesday morning. The cause of death was confirmed to be occupational cancer after serving close to two decades with unwavering commitment and dedication. Lt. Adam’s peers described him as a poised and savvy leader who could assess any emergency situation at hand with finesse and poise. Despite the dangers faced on the job, his camaraderie towards his team and passion for helping people in need made every day rewarding for him. These qualities earned him deep respect and admiration from his team who will forever remember their long-time friend and reliable leader, Lt. Adam Kroeker.

Adam Kroeker Obituary

As we all come together today to mourn the loss of our beloved lieutenant, let us remember him not just as a great firefighter but also as an amazing person who loved life and lived each day like it was his last! Let us also use this moment as an opportunity to educate ourselves on occupational cancer prevention methods so that we can protect ourselves against such tragedies in the future! May Lt. Adam rest peacefully knowing that he made such an important difference in so many lives while here on Earth! Our thoughts are with you always! Rest In Peace Lieutenant Adam Kroeker ❤️

Tributes Pour To Adam Kroeker death

LaSalle Fire Service
The LaSalle Fire Service flag is at half-mast today. Our most heartfelt condolences to the Leamington Fire Services on the passing of Lt. Adam Kroeker. We are thinking of his family and friends during this difficult time. Leamington Fire Department

Tilbury Firefighters Association
Our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers & Sisters of the Leamington Fire Services, LT. Kroeker family and friends. The harsh reality of the job, Adam was a passionate firefighter and loved the job. We will take it from here brother, Rest easy.

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