How Did Cullen McRae Die? Know Everything About His Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

It was a sad day for the city of Bradenton, Florida when it was announced that Cullen McRae passed away. Cullen was a beloved father, friend, and supporter of everything positive. Although the exact cause of his death has yet to be revealed, it is clear that he was an influential figure who will be greatly missed. Let’s take a look into the life of this award-winning executive producer. Keep reading more.

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Who was Cullen McRae? Cullen McRae’s Career In Broadcasting

Cullen McRae graduated from Manatee High School and went on to study Broadcast Journalism at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Cullen had a long career in broadcasting, producing films and videos for the MLB’s Marlins baseball team as well as for Bang Bros in Miami. Cullen began his career in broadcasting after graduating from college in 2006.

He started out as an intern at ESPN before moving on to become the video coordinator for the Miami Marlins Baseball team in 2009. During his time with the Marlins, McRae worked closely with players by breaking down videos of them playing so they could better hone their skills and strategize against their opponents. This job launched McRae into a world where he could make significant contributions to sports broadcasting and work with some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball.

In 2013, after leaving the Marlins organization, McRae joined Bang Bros in Miami where he served as an executive producer and creative content specialist for five years. Throughout his time there, he developed numerous award-winning pieces ranging from television shows to porn films which garnered critical acclaim throughout the industry. During this time, he also helped create content for other major networks such as Fox Sports 1 and HBO Latin America which allowed him to further expand his reach within the entertainment industry.

The Community Remembers Cullen McRae

Although Cullen may no longer be here physically, his impact will continue to live on through those who knew him best – his friends and family. His presence can still be felt throughout Bradenton where people are remembering him fondly for all he did for them during his lifetime – including helping others hone their craft through teaching video production classes at local schools or mentoring younger filmmakers who sought guidance from him about entering into the industry themselves. The city has even gone so far as to declare March 5th “Cullen McRae Day” in honor of all that he accomplished during his lifetime which is sure to be remembered by many generations to come!

How did Cullen McRae die? What was the cause of death?

Cullen McRae of Bradenton, Florida passed away suddenly on Sunday, the 5th of March 2023 and the city is mourning his loss. Cullen had the ability to bring out the best in those that he knew. Though yet to be revealed, some say that a key contributor to his passing was how many hours he dedicated to breaking down videos of major-league baseball players and analyzing their every move. His enthusiasm for such activities was inspiring; however, it’s clear that this passion took an incredible toll on his health. The cause of his death remains unrevealed but his death has been felt everywhere and he will surely be remembered with love by all who knew him.

Cullen McRae Obituary

Cullen McRae left behind an incredible legacy filled with accomplishments both professionally and personally which will undoubtedly live on forever through those who knew him best or were influenced by him during his lifetime – whether it be through teaching video production classes or mentoring young filmmakers trying to break into Hollywood’s toughest markets! Though we may never know exactly what caused this brilliant man’s untimely passing, one thing is certain – we will never forget all that Cullen did during his short but meaningful life! May we all strive to carry on a bit of what made this amazing individual so special every single day! Rest in peace Cullen Mcrae!

Tributes Pour To Cullen McRae death

FAMU Basevall Alumni Diamond Club
It’s with great sadness to inform the FAMU Baseball family of the passing of Cullen McRae son of Hal and Johnsena McRae. Please keep the McRae family in prayer. Cullen is pictured with his favorite cousin Stacey R. Pough 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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