How Did Dr. John Kriekard Die? Know Everything About His Life, Cause Of Death And Obituary

John Kriekard was a man who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Monday, February 20th, 2023 came as a shock when John Kriekard’s death was announced through social media publications. Let’s take a look at who John Kriekard was and why he made such an impact on his community. Keep reading more.

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Who was Dr. John Kriekard?

John Kriekard was a member of the Armed Forces, a lifelong educator, and beloved friend, husband, father, and grandfather who dedicated his life to serving his community and improving it. He ran for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives from District 8 in 2010 John attended Kalamazoo College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. After college, he entered into military service with the U.S. Army as a captain and served two years as an instructor at Fort Sill in Oklahoma before returning home to Michigan to begin his career as an educator.

Kriekard spent 28 years in public education including 25 years as a principal, assistant superintendent or superintendent with various school districts across Michigan and Arizona. In Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD), he served as Superintendent from 2002-2011 before retiring from public education in 2012. He continued to serve SUSD as a consultant until 2014 when he retired from public service after 38 years working with children throughout Michigan and Arizona.

John Kriekard’s Impact on the Community

Throughout his life, John was committed to helping children reach their full potential through education by advocating for educational excellence through improved teaching methods and resources for students. He was also actively involved in leadership development initiatives at all levels including teachers, administrators, parents/guardians and students alike to ensure that everyone had access to effective educational experiences that would prepare them for success both academically and professionally throughout their lives.

Kriekard devoted himself completely to furthering educational opportunities for children throughout Arizona by serving on numerous committees including the Arizona State Board of Education Advisory Council, Arizona Business Education Coalition’s Advisory Council on Educational Technology & Innovation Council , National Association of Secondary School Principals Leadership Task Force Steering Committee , American Institutes for Research (AIR) Advisory Group , Education Leaders Council (ELC) Executive Committee , Central High School Alumni Association Board , Phoenix Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Board Member . He also served on several boards such as the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors .

What was the cause of Dr. John Kriekard death?

In what came as a shock to his many well-wishers, the news of his death on February 20th, 2023 spread like wildfire across social media. What exactly caused John’s untimely demise is still unclear, but one thing is for certain – he will be remembered fondly for a long time by those whose lives he touched.

Dr. John Kriekard Obituary

John Kriekard was truly one-of-a-kind; his commitment to improving education is undeniable thanks to all that he did during his lifetime. We will remember him fondly as someone who constantly strived to make our communities better through dedication and hard work while encouraging others along every step of their journey towards success – whether it be academic or professional endeavors. While details have not been released about what caused John Kriekard’s death yet, we honor him today by celebrating the life he lived so fully! Rest In Peace John! Your legacy will live on forever!

Tributes pours for Dr. John Kriekard death

Jann Michael Greenburg
I am deeply saddened to hear of Dr. John Kriekard’s passing. A member of our Armed Forces, a lifelong educator, and a beloved friend, husband, father, and grandfather, Dr. Kriekard dedicated his life to serving his community and making it a better place. It was an honor and privilege to work with him. May his memory be a blessing.

Gary Shaphiro
Horrible news today. Former Scottsdale School Superintendent John Kriekard has died. He has always been one of my heroes. I loved him like a brother. With me, current SUSD Superintendent Scott Menzel, John and retired Superintendent Duane Sheldon. All community treasures. May his memory be a blessing.

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