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Timothy Reynolds, a Salt Lake City-based technician who worked in Yellowstone as an electrician, died after unfortunately being shot by a 15-year-old on July 7, 2022. Following his demise, his family was left in a state of pain, but they are still fighting for justice with all their strength.

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Keep reading this article to learn more about Tim Reynold, his background, how he died, latest updates in the case, and much more!

Who was Tim Reynolds?

Tim Reynolds, whose full name was Timothy Reynolds, was a technician who worked as an electrician in “Yellowstone.” Reynolds was born on October 30, 1955, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a western state in the United States. His father’s name was Sherman Lewis Reynolds, and the name of his mother was Ruth.. He went to Highland High School for his higher education.

More about his background

Tim began his career as a stockbroker but later realised his passion was working in the entertainment industry. He started his journey in the industry in 1994 by becoming a stagehand as a member of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 99.

In 1997, he began his film career by working as an electrician in a TV movie titled “Not in This Town” and later went on to work in projects like “Meet the Deedles,” “John Carter,” and “Don’t Come Knocking.” He was a part of the technical crew of some globally renowned films, and was a part of “Yellowstone” from the very first episode of the show and continued his work in the Western drama until the second episode of the fourth season, which was titled “Phantom Pain.”

In addition to films and television shows, Tim also worked in the productions of concerts. He was a part of the technical crew of the 2002 Winter Olympics, which were held in his hometown Salt Lake City.

How did Tim Reynolds die?

Timothy Reynolds, famously known as Tim Reynolds, passed away unexpectedly after being shot at the intersection of Light and Conway streets in downtown Baltimore by a 15-year-old. The tragic incident occurred on July 7, 2022, and was the cause of Tim Reynolds passing at 67 years of age.

The late Yellowstone electrician is now survived by his sister Shirley Reynolds, step-son Seth Neily, his wife Sierra, daughter Kistina and her husband Sean Pressle, alongside several grandsons.
Latest updates about Tim Reynolds death case

Tim Reynolds’ family members are continuously fighting to get justice for the death of the Yellowstone electrician. They are out to prove any wrongdoing moments leading up to his death after an encounter over the summer with squeegee workers.

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The attorney for Tim Reynolds’ family revealed new images and a timeline on Tuesday morning, November 29, 2022, in an attempt to support their claim that the 15-year-old teen facing first-degree murder charges did not shoot Reynolds in self-defense or fear.

At the transfer hearing, the prosecutors presented some evidence that linked the 15-year-old accused to the Crips gang. They claimed this by showing him using some gang signs and also highlighting a blue backpack with a blue bandana inside. However, on this, his attorneys denied any sort of affiliation. Further information about the case will now come out after the next scheduled hearing.

We send our deepest sympathies to Tim’s family members and friends and also hope that they will soon get justice for the sufferings they have faced. May God bless them with all the required strength to fight for the justice of Tim Reynolds’ death.

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Who was Tim Reynolds?

Timothy Reynolds was a technician who worked as an electrician on “Yellowstone” and various other projects. He was born on October 30, 1955, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a western state in the United States.

How did Tim Reynolds die?

Tim Reynolds, passed away on July 7, 2022, after being shot at the intersection of Light and Conway streets in downtown Baltimore by a 15-year-old teen.

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