How Did Peachtree Alyssa Sack Die? Know Everything About Her Cause Of Death And Obituary

It is with a heavy heart that we must report the passing of Alyssa Sack, a 25 year-old women’s lacrosse player from Peachtree City, Georgia. Keep reading more to get information about this untimely death.

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Who was Alyssa Sack?

Alyssa was born on September 24th 1997 in Senoia, Georgia to Frank and Virginia Sack. She attended Starr’s Mill High School and was an MVP, Midfielder of the Year and team captain for lacrosse. Alyssa was well-known in her community as an amazing athlete who was always striving for excellence. She had been playing basketball since she was four years old and also participated in volleyball where she was named All-Region Honors during her senior year at Starr’s Mill High School. Her love for sports wasn’t only limited to basketball and volleyball as she had also become a talented lacrosse player and even earned MVP honors during her junior year at West Georgia University. In addition to being an exceptional athlete, Alyssa loved reading books and spending time with her friends and family. She had recently graduated from West Georgia University with a degree in Accounting.

How did Alyssa Sack die? What was the cause of her death?

The sudden passing of Alyssa Sack, a 25 year old women’s lacrosse player from Peachtree City GA, has left the community grief-stricken. What is particularly heartbreaking about Alyssa’s death is that at this time there has been no cause of death reported yet. Abigail’s mother was full of life,and her loss has been felt deeply by family, friends, and all who knew her. Those mourning the unfortunate circumstances would like to know more information to come to terms with what happened and to pay due respects. The entire community hopes for answers soon regarding the cause of Alyssa’s death.

Alyssa Sack Obituary

The life of Alyssa Sack is one that should never be forgotten as it serves as an example of how far hard work can take you when you have passion behind your drive. Although this is an incredibly difficult time for those closest to Alyssa Sack, we hope that they are able to find peace knowing that she achieved so much during such a short period of time here on Earth. To honor her memory please join us for the funeral service Thursday April 8th 2021 at 3pm EST followed by a memorial service at 5pm EST at Stonewall Tell United Methodist Church in Tyrone GA., or make donations to The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). May she rest in peace!

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