How did Wes Carr die ? Southern Methodist University Student? Cause Of Death Explained

We mourn the death of Wes Reynolds Carr, a beloved student at Southern Methodist University, with heavy hearts. Wes died on the 28th of February. In his memory, the Southern Methodist University Student Senate called an emergency meeting and unanimously passed a proclamation honoring his life. Let us pause to remember Wes, to learn more about his life and why he was so adored by those who knew him. Continue reading.

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Who was Wes Carr? How did he die?

Wes Carr was remembered for being full of contagious joy and affection for all those around him. He had an infectious energy and was always there to lend a hand or provide support when needed. His friends describe him as generous, kind-hearted and passionate about life, which is why it came as such a shock when he passed away from his battle with intracranial brain aneurysm.

What was the cause of Wes Carr death?

A cerebral or intracranial aneurysm occurs when there is weakening in the wall of a blood vessel in the brain and causes it to balloon outwards. The cause of this condition is not known but it can be caused by high blood pressure and other factors such as smoking or drug use, but this was not the case for Wes Reynolds Carr. He faced his condition bravely until the end, surrounded by family and friends who showed him love and affection until he passed away peacefully on February 28th 2023.

Honoring His Memory & Tributes

In honor of his memory, SMU’s Student Senate convened an emergency meeting where they unanimously passed a proclamation honoring his life on March 4th 2021. The proclamation paid tribute to all that he accomplished in such little time on earth while also expressing their condolences towards his family members who have been deeply affected by this tragedy. They also expressed their gratitude for all that Wes had done during his time at SMU; from helping to create new student associations to fundraising for various charities throughout Dallas County. His legacy will be remembered across campus forevermore as one filled with generosity, kindness and enthusiasm for life itself – qualities that will live on through everyone that loved him dearly.

Wes Carr Obituary

The loss of SMU’s beloved student has been felt far and wide across Dallas County – from those who knew him personally to those simply inspired by his story – but especially within our very own community here at SMU where he excelled both academically and socially throughout his studies here over the past two years. We hope everyone takes some time today to reflect upon how precious life really is – remembering what made us smile about our friend Wes Reynolds Carr above all else – may we never forget! Rest in peace dear friend; you are dearly missed!

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