How Many Tattoo Does Jock Zonfrillo Have? Meaning & Design

The Scottish television personality Jock Zonfrillo’s death news has brought huge silence. Fans and followers are showering honor on him online. How many tattoos does Jock Zonfrillo have? 

Jock Zonfrillo was a famous television presenter and a professional check based in Melbourne, Australia. Most of his fans also know him as the founder of The Orana Foundation.

Likewise, Jock got more media recognization after he was publicized as one of the judges of MasterChef Australia alongside Andy Allen and Melissa Leong.

Zonfrillo was always passionate about his professional career, and he had a keen interest in pursuing his career in the kitchen field, so he started working in a hotel at age 15 after dropping out of school. 

Additionally, Zonfrillo had a huge fan base online, and he had over 300k followers on his Instagram handle.

People have always supported him and showed him a love for our care, so they are currently mourning the chef’s death by sharing posts and commenting on his pictures. 

How Many Tattoos Does Jock Zonfrillo Have?

Jock Zonfrillo is no longer with us, but his amazing journey will always be remembered by us, especially by his fans. So many people are also questioning his tattoo and are captivated by the ink the late Jock printed on his body. 

As we all know, Jock loved inking and tattooing his body. As seen by us, his arm was heavily tattooed, and undoubtedly, Jock’s tattoo was attractive and beautifully printed. 

Jock Zonfrillo
Jock Zonfrillo tattooed his right arm heavily. (Source: WSJ)

The clearly and mostly seen tattoo was his arm tattoo; other than that, we see no ink of Jock, so we can say Jock just tattooed his right arm heavily. 

Other than that, the late chef didn’t have any ink on his body or ever talk about his secret tattoo with his fans and media sources if he ever had it. 

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Jock Zonfrillo Tattoo Meaning And Design

Jock Zonfrillo has an amazing tattoo that has dragged many people’s eyes even after his passing. He has a soupçon of tattoo visible on one forearm. 

We can see images of his tattoos in many snaps, and he has also shared them on his Instagram handle. Due to that, fans and followers often ask questions about the tattoo’s meaning. 

Many speculations on social media were created due to his tattoo. Due to that, his wife asked Jock to explain his tattoo. The amazing tattoo feature a pig, as pork is one of Jock’s favorite meal. 

Jock Zonfrillo
MasterChef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo dies at 46. (Source: News)

Also, he has the skull of an English Longhorn cow and has inked it because Jock thinks they are beautiful and thistles for Scotland. Likewise, he has a skull and crossbones.

To explore his amazing tattoos, we can follow him on Instagram, where his account has been registered as @zonfrillo.

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Why Does Jock Zonfrillo Wear Beads In His Hand?

Just like Jock Zonfrillo’s tattoos, fans have asked many questions about his beads.

MasterChef Australia judge once responded to fans who previously took to social media to ask him about an accessory he’s been wearing on the show, none other than Worry Beads.

In the show, everyone noticed his small beaded bracelet. After that, many people became curious about it and asked multiple questions. After receiving many messages, Jock took to his Twitter handle to answer and address confusion among people.

Jock Zonfrillo
Jock Zonfrillo with his worry beads. (Source: New Idea)

He said he has multiple kinds of worry beads and uses them when he feels anxious or slightly stressed. While talking about the beads, Jock revealed that the bracelet was gifted by A. A Gill., the former partner of the late food writer.

Also, the late chef said he hoped to normalize worry beads as a way for took for someone who encounters anxiety.

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