Irfan Ghafoor Memon, Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal & Video

Gulshan E Hadeed school scandal is trending on the internet as the IGM principal was arrested following his horrific actions against a female student. Find out more info here.

The news of Gulshan E Hadeed School is going viral on the internet as a person named Irfan Memon reportedly assaulted female students for months.

It has been reported that Irfan is the school’s principal named IGM, which is said to be located in Karachi.

Some sources say that he even sexually assaulted teachers and other staff members.

Apart from that, news is circulating on various social media platforms, and people are concerned about the viral video which was allegedly leaked.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal Explained

The Gulshan E Hadeed School scandal has been making rounds on the internet for quite a while now.

As said earlier, the scandal is related to a principal of IGM who assaulted ladies in his school.

Sources have claimed that Principal Irfan used to sexually assault the teachers, students and staff of the school. Not only that, but he was recording the videos with the help of CCTVs.

He did this thing for several months, but no one reported it.

Furthermore, he used to blackmail the victims, and a recent report shows that five women have come forward to talk about the matter.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal
The Gulshan E Hadeed School scandal shocked many people. (Source: Twitter)

The scandal has attracted the attention of many national media, and the news has also gone viral on various social media handles such as Twitter and Facebook.

The case regarding the school head is going on, and the police report has given a recent update, which has been shared below.

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Gulshan E Hadeed School Leaked Video Went Viral

Gulshan E Hadeed school is currently making headlines, and the news got more into the public eye when people started searching for the leaked video.

As said earlier, the principal of the school used to assault female teachers, students, and other staff sexually and used to record video with the help of a CCTV camera.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Leaked Video
Gulshan E Hadeed School’s leaked video has gone viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

By using the video, the head teacher, Irfan Ghafoor Memon, used to blackmail the victims. A recent report by police has said that Irgan has been arrested.

Following his detention, police also recovered over 25 obscene videos from the principal’s mobile phone, unearthing another massive lewd video scandal in the education institutions of Pakistan.

IGM Principal Irfan Ghafoor Memon Arrested And Charged For Gulshan E Hadeed Case

Gulshan E Hadeed case update has shown the IGM principal, Irfan Ghafoor Memon, has been arrested and charged.

He was arrested on charges of harassment and blackmailing of women in Gulshan Hadid.

Following his arrest, police also released a statement. The school principal said he was ashamed of his nasty actions and that no school employees could see him in the films.

Gulshan E Hadeed Case Update
Gulshan E Hadeed case update shows that the IGM principal has been arrested. (Source: Twitter)

According to sources from the private news channel, interim Sindh Education Minister Rana Hussain ordered the institution to close while the video scandal probe is ongoing.

A four-person committee was formed by the Additional Director Registration to look into the issue. Under the leadership of Deputy Director Qurban Bhutto, the board was established

So, it can be said that more updates may get published soon as the case of the principal is going on. 

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