Is Dex Leaving General Hospital- Where Is Evan Hofer Going?

Is Dex Leaving General Hospital? Audiences are curious to learn about the actor Evan Hofer’s next move after General Hospital.

Hofer is an American actor best known for his role as Dex on the daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Hofer began acting at a young age and has appeared in several television shows and films, including the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally and the movie A Fairly Odd Summer.

In addition to acting, Hofer is also a musician and a model. But still, many people have only recognized him from General Hospital. 

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Is Dex Leaving General Hospital? 

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Evan Hofer discussed his experience of signing a contract with General Hospital. 

He revealed that he was preparing for his first scenes with Stephen A. Smith when the show’s producer, Frank, pulled him aside and told him that he had impressed the team with his acting skills and potential.

Frank then asked Hofer if he would be interested in staying on the show permanently. Since there has not been any information about Hofer, who has been playing Dex in the front, leaving it for any new project. 

 Evan Hofer, the character Dex on General Hospital, shared some insight into what his character is up to on the show.
Evan Hofer, the character Dex on General Hospital, shared some insight into what his character is up to on the show. (Image Source: Soaps In Depth)

Dex said he was very excited about the show and to meet everyone on the set. After the offer to be in the front permanently was said to him, he first called his mother and shared his happiness. 

It is like a dream job for him to stay in the show; in an interview, he said if he could sleep on the set, he would spend all his time there. 

Dex said it is more like a family living together than a job; he seems to enjoy the show as it shows us on television. Hopefully, he will be staying at the show for a long time. 

Where Is Evan Hofer Going?

Evan Hofer is the new charter in the show General Hospital, and he just started a year ago. 

The information shows no indication that Evan Hofer is leaving his role as Dex at General Hospital or that he has any new projects lined up.

Hofer recently signed a contract with the show, suggesting he will stay on for the foreseeable future. He may have other projects yet to be announced, but no information is available now.

The character of Hofer has been loved by many in the brief period. The complicated romance between Hofer and Josslyn on General Hospital keeps fans engaged and interested.

Sonny employs Hofer but secretly assists Michael in his quest to bring Sonny down. Despite their obstacles, Hofer and Josslyn have a strong connection and chemistry that viewers appreciate.

Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer has been together in the show General Hospital.
Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer have been together in the show General Hospital. (Image Source: TV Seasons & Spoilers)

Their relationship has garnered much fan support, and many are eager to see what happens next.

However, because Hofer’s work puts him and Josslyn in danger, they must keep their relationship hidden and avoid potential risks.

So, we need further notice or information shared by the actor to confirm where he is moving or leaving the show General Hospital.

Many fans are waiting for new information about the show and are curious about the character Dex. 

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