Is Don Martindale Related To Wink Martindale? Family

Is Don Martindale related to Wink Martindale? Fans are captivated to explore their relationship. Take a moment to explore their family details. 

Don Martindale is an American football coach serving as the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). 

Between 2018 and 2021, he also served as the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. Before that, he spent six seasons as the team’s linebackers coach.

Also, Don often gets linked with Wink Martindale, an American disc jockey.

People on the internet have been asking many questions about their relationship, but are they related? 

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Is Don Martindale Related To Wink Martindale?

No, Don Martindale and Wink Martindale are not related to each other, but due to their same surname, many people got confused and thought that they were relatives.

Some unverified sources on the web have claimed that Don and Wink are distant cousins, but there is no truth about it, and both Don and Wink have not said anything about this topic.

Is Don Martindale Related To Wink Martindale
Don Martindale and Wink Martindale are not related to each other despite having the same surname. (Source: ESPN)

Not to mention, Wink is a well-known disc jockey, game show host, radio personality, and television producer from America.

Wink is known for hosting Gambit from 1972 to 1976 in his six-decade career.

Meanwhile, Don is also famous by his nickname Wink, which Don got because he shares a last name with the famous game show host Winston Conrad Martindale, aka Wink.

Due to their same nickname, the rumors of the Martindales being related became media prominence.

A Look At Don Martindale Family Background

Don Martindale and Wink Martindale comes from a different family background. Don was born to his parents on May 19, 1963, in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.

The names of Don’s parents are not accessible in the public domain as he has not talked much about them with the media.

According to a report, Don’s father and uncle owned a trucking company.

Right after college, Don also worked with his family’s trucking company. He is also a married man who lives with his beloved wife, Laura, and their two kids.

wink martindale
Wink Martindale is an American disc jockey and game show host with his own family. (Source: ABC News)

On the other hand, Wink was born Winston Conrad Martindale to his doting parents, James Martindale and Frances Geraldine Martindale, in Jackson, Tennessee, U.S. 

Wink has four kids with his ex-wife, Madelyn Leech. He is married to his second wife, Sandy, with whom Wink tied the knot on August 2, 1975.

Don Martindale and Wink Martindale Net Worth Difference

Don Martindale and Wink Martindale have a substantial net worth difference. Both have earned a good amount of money from their respective profession.

Don has been a football coach for many years and has been associated with various teams.

Many sources have claimed that Martindale has a net worth of at least $1 million.

wink martindale net worth
Wink Martindale and Don Martindale have preserved much money from their respective professions. (Source: New York Post)

The actual amount of Martindale’s net value has not been posted. Besides that, Wink lives a lavish life with his massive net worth of $20 million.

Further, Wink has been a part of various shows, and due to his work, he has taken home impressive cash. 

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