Is Drea de Matteo Weight Loss Linked To Health Issue?

Drea de Matteo weight loss journey has amazed the fans, and ‘The Sopranos‘ actress is getting tons of positive comments for her astonishing look change.

New York native Drea de Matteo, an American actress born on January 19, 1972, is most known for her work in both movies and television.

She grew up in Whitestone, Queens, in a Catholic Italian family.

Her mother, Donna, is a dramatist and teacher, and her father, Albert, is the founder and CEO of Avery Boardman and Carlyle.

She attended Loyola School before graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film production. She also took acting classes at the HB Studio.

Drea de Matteo rose to prominence as Adriana La Cerva on the HBO television drama ‘The Sopranos’ (1999-2006).

Matteo won a Primetime Emmy in 2004 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and earned positive feedback for her work.

Drea de Matteo Weight Loss: Health Issue Or Post-Pregnancy Choice?

In January, an interview was published about Drea de Matteo weight loss journey after giving birth and her perspective on body image in the entertainment industry.

Drea de Matteo mentioned that she didn’t want to return to acting immediately after giving birth to her son.

She was nursing her son and dealing with post-pregnancy weight. During her pregnancy, she gained over 200 pounds weight.

Drea de Matteo Weight Loss
Drea de Matteo looks healthy in her recent picture.

Rather than resorting to crash diets or extreme measures to lose weight quickly for her acting roles, she opted to maintain a slightly heavier weight and gradually healthily shed the pounds.

She wanted to portray a ‘normal human being’ on screen and believed it was important for women to see realistic body images in media.

De Matteo explained that she faced criticism and hurtful comments from tabloids during her pregnancy.

Despite that, she maintained a positive attitude and had no hangups about her weight.

She also starred in a film called ‘Free Ride,’ where she played a character with some extra weight. She embraced the role and aimed to reflect real women on screen.

Drea de Matteo weight loss journey took about three years, including her baby weight, and she was still working on the last 10 pounds.

She didn’t focus too much on working out intensively, but she tried to be active and move around. She mentioned that she incorporated a lot of protein into her diet.

The actress joked about creating an exercise video while trying to lose weight, but the video mostly consisted of her eating and the trainer attempting to get her to work out.

De Matteo spoke about the unrealistic body standards often promoted in the entertainment industry, even for actresses who are already thin.

Drea de Matteo’s weight loss journey is primarily attributed to her pregnancies rather than any health-related issues.

Without explicitly mentioning health issues, it is reasonable to conclude that Drea de Matteo weight loss results from her mindful choices post-pregnancy rather than any underlying health concerns.

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Beyond The Sopranos: Career Of Drea de Matteo

In recent years, Drea de Matteo, who portrayed Adriana La Cerva on ‘The Sopranos,’ has continued to be active in the entertainment industry.

After her role as Adriana, de Matteo went on to play Joey Tribbiani’s sister, Gina, on the ‘Friends’ spinoff ‘Joey’ until it was canceled in 2006 after two seasons.

Drea de Matteo Weight loss
Drea de Matteo strongly advocates against body shaming and impossible body standards. (Source: Instagram)

She later starred as Wendy on ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ becoming a regular for seasons four through seven, from 2008 to 2014.

De Matteo also played Angie on season six of ‘Desperate Housewives‘ in 2008 and guest-starred on various other shows like ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ ‘Californication,’ ‘The Mindy Project,’ and Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

More recently, de Matteo starred on the NBC police procedural ‘Shades of Blue‘ from 2016 to 2018 and has a recurring role on ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things.’

She has also embraced the world of podcasting, co-hosting a podcast called ‘Gangster Goddess Broadcast‘ where she re-watches and dissects episodes of ‘The Sopranos’ alongside Chris Kushner.

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