Is Football Coach Married Viviane Dièye?

Hervé Renard is soon going to make Viviane Dièye his wife. Currently, the duo is dating each other and seems to share a close bond, as seen on their social media platform.

Fully known as Hervé Jean-Marie Roger Renard, he is a French professional football coach and ex-player who is the manager of the Saudi Arabia national team. To many football fans, he is well-known for his talent.

Recently, this football coach has been having a good time with his sweetheart, who fans have kept a broad interest in. With their keen interest, let’s find out their whereabouts.

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Hervé Renard Wife: Is Saudi Arabia Football Coach Married Viviane Dièye?

Hervé Renard was previously married but now has an eye on someone else. He is associated with his sweetheart Viviane Dièye and considers her a family member.


Even though the duo has not shared the plan of getting married any time soon, they may share the good news publically as they are often spotted with affection and admiration, which makes them an admired couple.

Similarly, Viviane Dièye is widely recognized as the widow of coach Bruno Metsu. After her spouse’s demise, she fell in love with Renard, who has been a supportive and lovable hand for her.

These love birds’ love and moments can be searched on Renard’s Instagram handle On the other hand, his partner is found under @maty__dieey, but she has not shared any posts yet.

Know About Hervé Renard And Viviane Dièye Kids

Hervé Renard and Viviane Dièye had kids from their previous relationship, and the duo has no plans about having their child. They came into a relationship recently after being detached from their partners.

Similarly, Viviane is the mother of the three children she had with her ex-husband, Bruno Metsu: Enzo, Noah, and Maeva. Her husband passed away from colon cancer on October 15, 2013.

On the contrary, Renard is happily living with his two daughters and a son from his previous relationship, which has not been disclosed. His daughters are Candide Renard and Audrey Renard, while his son is Kevin Renard.

Dièye is relatively silent on her private whereabouts, so little is known about her children. Still, Renard stays in the spotlight and promptly shares his family moments, but his family ethnicity is unknown.

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Renard: Going to the World Cup without ambition is pointless
Renard: Going to the World Cup without ambition is pointless (Source- Bein Sports)

According to Popular Bio, Hervé Renard owns 103 million dollars in net worth after being associated as a former player and coach.

His football career initiated with him playing as a defender for the French club AS Cannes in 1983.

Since he is known for establishing himself as the first coach to win two Africa Cup of Nations with two different countries, his skills are highly appreciated by people globally, which has added to his earning portfolio.

He is gradually aging, which can lead to his retirement soon as his profession includes physical workouts. With that, his net worth can significantly decrease.

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