Is John Shedletsky Arrested? What Did He Do?

Roblox developer John Shedletsky arrested by the FBI has become a piece of massive news in the gaming world. Roblox games have a sizable fan base; therefore, the news of Shedletsky’s arrest surprised the gaming community.

34-year-old John Shedletsky was born in the U.S. on February 6, 1983. He is a well-known businessman.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 2006. After college, he immediately began working at Roblox, but in 2014 he departed to look into other possibilities.

Famous Roblox user John James Shedletsky, III, known as Telamon, served as the company’s Creative Director from 2006 to 2014.

He was Roblox’s fourth engineer to be hired. In May 2014, he gave notice at his full-time job to pursue starting a new business, but the company still employs him on an as-needed basis.

While working at Roblox, he founded the LOL group, where he also designed games, including Sword Fight on the Heights IV and Nuke the Whales. Additionally, he has patented a few techniques that have since been exclusive to Roblox.

Roblox: Is John Shedletsky Arrested? Do You Know What He Did?

Arnold Castillo, a Roblox developer, also known as Jadon Shedletsky, was arrested, according to a video broadcast on YouTube on November 1, 2022, by the Ruben Sim youtube channel.

These are the events that took place before his arrest. In May, the FBI seized John Shedletsky, also known as Arnold Castillo.

The 12-minute, 30-second film depicts the crimes committed by Arnold Castillo.

If you want to watch the Youtube video and learn more about John Shedletsky’s arrest, you can watch it here.

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Jadon Shedletsky, Aka Arnold Castillo Controversy

Arnold was exposed for his racist, homophobic, and illegal activities, as well as his sexual interactions with children that started around September 2017, in a Google document that was made public in late 2020.

The anonymous user said that between September 2017 and January 2018, Arnold, who was 24 at the time, talked with a 12-year-old.

In addition to normalizing the minor’s behavior, Doc would groom and degrade him in front of everyone on his Discord server and the D.M.s.

In addition, a doctor would pose as 18 years old while having intercourse with a staff member who was only 14 years old.

John Shedletsky Arrested
John Shedletsky created the Roblox (Source: Fandom)

Doc would speak to the child in a very sexual way and refer to her as his “playtoy” even when the child wasn’t feeling well to satiate his sexual needs.

John Shedletsky Family And Wife

American-born John Shedletsky comes from a respectable family. The names of her mother and father are still unknown.

The parents did, however, give their son exceptional care and support during his upbringing, and they have been quite supportive of his career.

Even though we don’t know much about his parents, we can be confident that they raised him well.

Regarding John’s wife, she is a fellow Roblox team member who goes by the internet persona BrightEyes.

John Shedletsky Wife
John Shedletsky with his wife (Source: Twitter)

He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University in 2006, with minors in biology and classical literature.

After graduating, he started working with Roblox immediately but left in 2014 to pursue other opportunities.

His areas of interest include game theory, game design, graphic design, oil painting, and computer graphics. He is also interested in machine vision and bio simulations.

Shedletsky is recognized for consistently uploading early Roblox teasers via his YouTube channel.

A technology entrepreneur with a self-titled YouTube channel rose to fame as the creative director of Roblox. His YouTube channel has around 127K subscribers at this time.

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