Is Lesley Roy Leaving BBC? What Happened To Him And Where Is He Going?

People are curious if Lesley Roy is leaving BBC, as her potential departure would undoubtedly leave a void in the news team. 

In the dynamic world of journalism, seasoned professionals often find themselves at a crossroads, exploring new opportunities or taking on fresh challenges. 

One such individual who has been making waves in news reporting is Lesley Roy, a Senior Journalist at BBC News.

With an impressive several-year career, Lesley Roy has been a prominent figure in the BBC News team. However, recent rumors and speculations have raised questions about her future at the renowned news organization. 

In this article, we will delve into Lesley Roy’s career details, the circumstances leading to the current buzz about her departure, and what might be next for this accomplished journalist.

Is Lesley Roy Leaving BBC? 

While there is speculation in the industry, there is no official confirmation that Lesley Roy is leaving BBC News.

Is Lesley Roy Leaving BBC
Lesley Roy’s tenure as an Assistant Producer at STV Group plc further solidified her reputation. (Source:

In recent weeks, there has been a growing buzz in journalism, particularly within the corridors of BBC News, regarding the future of Lesley Roy. She has been a familiar face and a prominent contributor to the BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten. 

Her seven years of experience in the live broadcast environment and her fluency in multiple languages, including Spanish and French, have made her a valuable asset to the team. 

However, rumors have begun circulating, suggesting that Lesley Roy might be on the brink of a new chapter in her career. 

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It’s worth exploring these speculations’ circumstances and considering what could be next for this seasoned journalist.

What Happened To Lesley Roy?

People are eager to learn what has happened to Lesley Roy, considering the potential impact of her departure from BBC News.

Is Lesley Roy Leaving BBC
This tweet from The Sutton Trust is highlighting Lesley Roy’s journey from her school days in Scotland to her current position. (Source: Twitter

It’s important to note that there has been no official confirmation of her departure from the renowned news organization. 

Roy’s journey in journalism has been marked by successes and accomplishments, with her roles as a Senior Journalist, Broadcast Journalist/Producer, and Assistant Producer showcasing her versatility and expertise. 

Her contributions to live broadcasts, meticulous scriptwriting, and proficiency in news production have undoubtedly left a lasting impact. 

It remains to be seen whether Lesley Roy will continue her illustrious career at BBC News or embark on a new adventure in the ever-evolving landscape of journalism. 

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Fans and colleagues eagerly await any updates or announcements that might shed light on her future endeavors.

Where Is Lesley Roy Going?

Where Lesley Roy is going next in her career remains a mystery, sparking curiosity among those who have followed her.

The future destination of Lesley Roy’s career in journalism remains a subject of speculation and intrigue. While there have been whispers of her departure from BBC News, there is no concrete information regarding her next steps. 

Lesley has extensive experience and expertise in news reporting. She may be exploring new opportunities within the field, whether in broadcasting, print media, or digital journalism.

Alternatively, she may take on a different role within the media realm, leveraging her skills and knowledge in innovative ways. 

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Until an official announcement is made, her admirers and colleagues will continue to speculate about the exciting possibilities for this accomplished journalist.

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