Is Mel Tucker Gay? Scandal Allegations And Accusations

Is Mel Tucker gay? The news of an American football coach’s sexuality has gone viral on the internet, but here’s the fact you need to know.

Mel Tucker is an American football coach serving as the head football coach at Michigan State University. He took the respective role in 2020.

Before coming to Michigan State University, Tucker was the head football coach at Colorado for their 2019 season.

Further, he has gained broad experience by working in other teams in the past, too.

Once, he served as the interim head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Meanwhile, he is also a former player who played for Wisconsin as a defensive back.

Currently, Tucker is in the middle of a controversy, and people on the internet have been asking many questions about his sexuality.

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Is Mel Tucker Gay? Sexuality Explored

No, Mel Tucker is not gay, and there is no news of the American football coach being gay.

The news of his sexuality circulated on various social media platforms without any truth.

Everyone on social media started asking questions about Tucker’s sexuality after the news of his sexual harassment was published recently.

Mel Tucker Gay
Mel Tucker is not gay, but the news of his sexuality has gone viral. (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Furthermore, there is no fact about Tucker being gay. Apart from that, the American football coach is reported to be a married man, and his wife’s name is Jo-Ellyn Tucker, a former practicing lawyer.

Tucker and Jo-Ellyn have been married for over 20 years.

As of now, both of them have kept their mouth shut, and Jo has also not said anything about the allegations against her husband.

Mel Tucker Scandal Allegations And Accusations Explained

Mel Tucker scandal is trending on the internet as he was accused of harassing Brenda Tracy. Tracy is said to be a rape survivor and sexual violence educator.

Tracy claimed that Tucker sexually harassed her after they’d worked together multiple times.

Mel even performed an adult activity in one of his phone calls with Tracy without her consent. 

Mel Tucker Scandal
Mel Tucker is in the middle of controversy as he was accused of sexually harassing Brenda Tracy. (Source: Spartan Avenue)

Furthermore, the sexual harassment complaint was filed in December 2022.

In March 2022, Tucker wrote a letter to the investigator and hinted that his relationship with Tracy was mutually consensual.

Tracy even alleged that Tucker sent her gifts and made unwanted intimate remarks. 

Where Is Mel Tucker Now?

Mel Tucker has been suspended without payment amid an ongoing investigation related to the sexual harassment case that Brenda Tracy filed.

The Michigan State University said that Harlon Barnett came as interim head coach following the suspension of Tucker.

As the case is going on, Tucker has not said anything about the matter with the media.

Mel Tucker Now
Mel Tucker has been suspended following the allegations made against him. (Source:

He is receiving backlash on various social media platforms. Meanwhile, some people have even supported Tucker, and one of the social media users wrote.

“I stand with Mel Tucker. Until proven wrong, we shouldn’t speculate on what’s going on in his personal life.

This woman was coming for him, and we don’t know the inside of his family matters.”

Mel continued, “He could have had an open relationship or an arrangement with his wife. He’s a victim, too.”

More updates regarding Mel’s case will be given soon after the department shares the facts. 

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