Is Melissa Vargas Lezbiyen(Lesbian)? Meet Her Eski Eşi

Is Melissa Vargas Lezbiyen? There are rumors over the Internet about the popular athlete being a lezbiyen and marrying a female. Let us know about her sexual orientation.

Melissa Teresa Vargas Abreu, stage name Melissa Vargas is a Turkish volleyballer who currently plays for Fenerbahçe Opet.

She participated in the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in Italy as a Cuban national volleyball team member for women.

Moreover, Melissa has participated in national women’s volleyball competitions for Turkey since 2023.

At the 2014 Central American Caribbean Games, she was named Best Outside Hitter in addition to winning the Best Opposite prize at the U23 Pan-American Cup.

Additionally, Vargas has received many honors and awards following her outstanding game performances on the court.

Furthermore, her love of the sport continues to motivate her, and her name has become synonymous with volleyball excellence.

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Is Melissa Vargas Lezbiyen(Lesbian)?

Concerning the topic “Is Melissa Vargas Lezbiyen?”, the athlete has not addressed the rumor in public.

She has not publicly made any statement that can prove that she is a lezbiyen. Also, there are no proven facts on the Internet.

Moreover, Melissa is mainly seen around her female friends and has not shared any pictures with her male friends, which speculated the rumor.

Due to the missing information about her love life, the rumor of her being lezbiyen speculated. However, this does not simply mean that she is a lesbian.

Diverse sexual orientations are becoming more widely accepted in today’s culture, and many public personalities and celebrities have opted to be open about their identities.

Melissa Vargas Lezbiyen
Melissa Vargas has not spoken publicly about her being lezbiyen. (Source: Playersaga)

However, sharing or not sharing this aspect of one’s life with the world is still entirely up to the individual. In the case of Vargas, she has decided to keep her sexual preferences private.

Additionally, talking about someone’s sexual orientation must be done so with showing respect for their privacy.

Despite her sexuality, Melissa is a skilled volleyball player who has gained the respect and adoration of volleyball fans worldwide because of her prowess on the field.

The way she dresses has also made people more curious to know about her.

However, she is silent about sharing anything about herself and is more concerned with enjoying her life while focusing on her career.

Meet Melissa Vargas Eski Eşi (Ex Wife)

Melissa is also rumored to have been married to a female, along with the rumors of her being lesbian. 

However, she seems too young to marry or divorce as the player is just 24 years old as of 2023. There are no supporting statements that can prove her marriage or her relationships.

Although some Tiktok videos claim Vardas has a former wife, it is also possible to see images of her. However, no further information about her ex-wife is provided, not even her name.

Further, Vardas is rumored to be in a relationship with Zehra Gunes. However, she has not publicly accepted any rumors about her romantic life.

Melissa Vargas Lezbiyen
The pictures of Melissa Vargas’s ex-wife can be seen on TikTok. (Source: Daily Sabah)

It is mainly known that Melissa is single and has not been involved in any kind of romantic relationship. Further, she is currently focusing on her athletic career.

This cannot be confirmed without proven facts, but most of the Tiktok videos show some cute moments between Melissa and Gunes.

Therefore, her fans are eagerly awaiting her confirmation on the above-rumored topics about her.

Furthermore, they want to clarify her love relationship with Gunes and the rumor about her ex-wife.

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