Is Nathaniel Stillwater Her Son?

Who is Nathaniel Stillwater? Find out all the known details about Nancy Brophy kids, husband, and marital life in this article.

Nancy Brophy is a romance novelist who made headlines after being convicted of murdering her husband, Daniel Brophy, in 2018.

The novelists wrote books and essays about women fantasizing about killing their spouses.

She reportedly shot and killed her husband at his workplace, the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he was a chef and a teacher.

Nancye was arrested in September 2018. Following years of investigations and trials, authorities found her guilty of second-degree murder in May 2022.

The author was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2022. Following this, many people have shown interest in her life and wondered if she had any kids.

Here is everything we know about the convicted murderer’s marital life and kids.

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Nancy Brophy Kids With Daniel Brophy

Nancy and her husband, Daniel Brophy, whom she shot and killed in 2018, had no children together.

Nancy Brophy Kids
Nancy Brophy and Daniel Brophy had no children together. (Image Source: The Daily Beast)

Nancy and Daniel Brophy’s marital life was not as happy. They faced many challenges and didn’t extend their family.

The former couple reportedly crossed paths in a culinary class that Daniel was teaching in Oregon in the early 1990s.

They got married in 1999 after Daniel divorced his first wife. Moreover, the pair had different personalities and interests.

While Nancy was a romance novelist who wrote about women fantasizing about killing their husbands, Daniel was a chef and a teacher who loved mushroom foraging and had a dry sense of humor.

According to reports, the Brophy couple has been struggling financially for years.

They had to take out money from Daniel’s retirement account and had trouble paying their mortgage and credit card bills.

The novelist planned to kill Daniel for months to collect his $1.4 million life insurance policy and own their $300,000 home.

On 2 June 2018, she conducted her mission and shot her spouse twice with a Glock pistol at his workplace, the Oregon Culinary Institute.

Who Is Nathaniel Stillwater? Is He Nancy Brophy Son?

Nathaniel Stillwater is not Nancy Brophy’s biological child.

Nathaniel Stillwater is Daniel Brophy’s only kid, whom he shared with his first wife. Thus, He is the stepson of the novelist who brutally murdered his father.

Nancy Brophy Kids
Nancy Brophy’s husband, Daniel Brophy, and her stepson, Nathaniel Stillwater. (Image Source: The Cinemaholic)

Nancy Brophy’s stepson changed his last name to his biological mother’s maiden name after his parents divorced. Stillwater was only 13 years old at the time.

Nathaniel said he looked up to his father. He described him as a warm, tenacious, and approachable man with a dry sense of humor and loved mushroom foraging.

After that, Daniel Brophy and his son, Nathaniel Stillwater, had lost contact until they connected again after eight years.

According to The Cinemaholic, Nathaniel reconnected with his father when he was 21.

Not only that, but they developed a close father-son relationship and friendship with him.

Moreover, Nathaniel and his stepmother, Nancy, got to know one another. He later worked for Nancy Brophy’s catering company for a few years.

Nathaniel said he never noticed any serious problems between Nancy and Daniel Brophy, although he admitted they had some financial issues.

Daniel’s son said they even doted on his family. Furthermore, Nathaniel was on vacation with his pregnant wife when he learned that his father had been shot and killed at his workplace.

He rushed home and spent two weeks grieving with Nancy, whom he later sued in civil court for wrongful death.

Stillwater testified against Nancy Brophy at her trial in 2022, where he said he was shocked and angry when he found out she was the killer.

The devastated son said he wanted justice for his dad and closure for himself.

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